Handpan - B2 Amara scale

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What frequency do you want ?: 432 Hz
How many notes do you want ?: 9
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Features :

  • Frequency: 432 / 440 Hz
  • 9 notes: (B2), F#, A, B, C#, D, E, F#, A
  • 10 notes: (B2), F#, A, B, C#, D, E, F#, A, B
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Diameter : 55 cm
  • Weight: 4 kg

The B2 Amara handpan range

Discover the melodic depths of the B2 Amara range, an exceptional collection of handpan for sale. Each instrument, tuned in B minor, emits vibrant harmonies that captivate the spirit, ideal for emotional enrichment and relaxation. Inspired by ancestral musical traditions, this series offers an enchanting sonic experience, perfect for those seeking a handpan occasion. With its deep tones and hanging drum harmonies, the B2 Amara range invites unparalleled musical exploration, opening a world of creative possibilities.

The unique emotions evoked by the B2 Amara range

  • Emotional Depth: Each note from the B2 Amara handpan kurd resonates deeply, touching the soul and encouraging meditation and inner reflection. Ideal for those learning how to play the handpan.

  • Enchanting Soundscapes: Perfect for relaxation, this range creates an atmosphere that transports listeners to states of tranquility and well-being, complementing hand pan songs.

  • Melodic Harmony: The notes are arranged to produce a rich, enveloping harmony, perfect for accompanying yoga sessions or guided meditation with the hung drum.

Who can choose the B2 Amara range?

  • Musicians Seeking Inspiration: Ideal for those searching for new musical influences and eager to experiment with unique sounds. The B2 Amara range enriches any musician's palette with its distinctive handpan music.

  • Wellness Practitioners: Perfect for relaxation and meditation professionals looking to integrate soothing meditation songs into their sessions. This handpan instrument serves as a powerful tool for fostering a serene atmosphere.

  • Music Enthusiasts Desiring Serenity: Those aiming to infuse their surroundings with a peaceful sonic dimension will find the B2 Amara range an exceptional choice. More than just a musical instrument, each handpan from this range is a vehicle for tranquility and sonic exploration. Investing in a handpan from this range means enriching your personal and professional journey into the world of healing sounds.

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