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Handpans 13 notes

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
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Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes - F major
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Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes - C major
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Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes dark blue - D minor
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Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes blue - D minor
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Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes green - D minor
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What are the horizons opened up by a 13-note handpan ?

A 13-note handpan represents the pinnacle of musical sophistication in the world of handpans. With an extended scale, expert musicians can explore new melodic and harmonic territories. This note-by-note diversity opens an unlimited field for composition, allowing for more complex and emotionally rich pieces.

Want to take your playing to the next level for more vibration? Discover our collection of 14-note Handpan for unparalleled melodic richness. And for even more discoveries, explore our complete collection of hang drum now.

Why is the handpan so popular for relaxation and yoga ?

The handpan, with its soft and enveloping tones, has become a favored instrument for relaxation and yoga. Models tuned to 432hz are particularly sought after for their ability to harmonize with the body's natural frequencies, thus promoting a deep state of well-being. Playing or listening to a hang drum during yoga or meditation sessions can intensify the experience, adding a sonic dimension to the spiritual practice.

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How to choose between a 432Hz and a 440Hz handpan ?

The decision to buy a handpan tuned to 432Hz or 440Hz depends on your personal use and aesthetic preferences. 440Hz is standard in orchestras and allows for easy integration with other musical instruments, while 432Hz is often chosen for its purportedly more natural and soothing qualities. At Zena-Drum, our experts are here to guide you in choosing your ideal handpan, meeting your needs for relaxation, yoga, or musical performance.

What are the advantages of a 13-note handpan for experts ?

For handpan experts, a 13-note instrument offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility in musical creation. The ability to incorporate more subtle harmonic transitions and develop melodies with increased emotional depth transforms each performance into a unique experience. It is the instrument of choice for those looking to fully express themselves through their music.

Why choose Zena-Drum for your handpan ?

Zena-Drum is committed to offering superior quality handpans, designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding musicians. Whether you are looking for a 440 hertz handpan for its musical compatibility or a 432hz handpan for its benefits on wellness and yoga, our collection of 13-note handpans is selected to enrich both your musical and spiritual practice.

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