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Tongue Drum

Shop our collection of tongue drums made to relieve stress through powerful sound healing. Perfect for any age and expertise. 

Join over 76,000 customers who have seen the life changing result with ZenaDrum.

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Steel Tongue Drum 432hz Mandala | C major 15 notes

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Steel Tongue Drum Mandala | D Major 11 notes

Tongue Drum | Tank Drum 11 notes - G Major tongue drum 11 notes for sale, buy steel tongue drum, tank drum for sale, blue

Tongue Drum | Tank Drum 11 notes - G Major

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Steel Tongue Drum for children | C major 8 notes


Which tongue drum to choose?

tongue drum 432hz mandala for sale, steel tongue drum 432hz, tank drum for sale

Tongue Drum de relaxation 432hz

The favorite of relaxation fans. Its 15 notes and 432Hz frequency provide perfect harmony for all levels of players. It measures 36cm in diameter.
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tongue drum d major 11 notes, steel tongue drum music instrument

Versatile Tongue Drum Mandala

With its 11 notes and 25cm diameter, it offers tonal variety for players of all levels. Its Mandala design enriches the experience.
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Tongue Drum for children & beginners

Easy to handle and play with its 20cm and 11 notes, is the ideal choice for introducing the youngest or beginners to music.
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Basic children's tongue drum

Perfect for children or those looking for a compact, inexpensive instrument. Its diameter is 15cm and it has 8 notes.
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What is a tongue drum?

A Musical Odyssey

Steel Tongue Drum is an enchanting musical instrument, combining simplicity of use and depth of sound.

Its ease of learning makes music accessible to all, while offering immense creative potential for more advanced musicians.

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The art of relaxation with the tongue drum

Relax your soul

The lotus drum is the perfect instrument to immerse yourself in a state of deep relaxation.

Its gentle, harmonious tones, which seem to resonate directly with the soul, invite meditation and relaxation, offering a sonic journey towards mindfulness.

Play music made simple

Easy to play

Thanks to its ease of use, the Tongue Drum or tank drum offers everyone the chance to create great music.

Even without any prior knowledge, you'll quickly be able to play pleasant melodies and immerse yourself in music-making.

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Buy a tongue drum at ZenaDrum

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At ZenaDrum, we offer a selection of high-quality Tongue Drums, suitable for all levels and ages.

Our carefully crafted models are invitations to explore the art of music and relaxation.

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Origins of the Tongue Drum: A Modern Creation Inspired by Tradition

The invention of the tongue drum, despite its ancestral resonances, is relatively recent. This musical instrument originated in the United States and was introduced in 2007, from the creativity of Dennis Havlena. Drawing inspiration from both the handpan and the tambiro, another instrument he created, Havlena managed to bring to life a unique melody from a simple gas cylinder.

By cutting and welding the rounded parts of the cylinder, and then shaping tongue-like forms with a grinder, Havlena was able to produce melodious sounds when he struck these metal tongues. From this experimentation, the tongue drum was born.

Also called steel tongue drum, referencing the primary material used for its creation, this instrument is also known as a tank drum. This name refers to the gas cylinder, or tank, used to create the instrument. The name hank drum is also used, a contraction of "tank drum" and "handpan", highlighting the inspiration behind this instrument.

Names for the Tongue Drum: Various Identities

The name of this musical instrument can vary depending on regions and cultures. It is commonly called a tongue drum, but it is also known as tank drum, hank drum, or steel tongue drum. However, regardless of its name, the melodic essence of this instrument remains the same.

Purchasing a Tongue Drum: How to Determine the Right Price?

Generally, the price of a tongue drum is significantly lower than that of a handpan, making it more accessible. However, the cost can vary depending on the quality of the metal used, the precision of the tuning, and the number of notes. At ZenaPan, our tongue drums strike a perfect balance between quality and financial accessibility.

The Tongue Drum and How It Works: A Symphony of Blades

The tongue drum is a percussive instrument made up of cut metal blades, also referred to as "tongues", which are struck to produce sound. Each tongue is tuned to a specific note, allowing for the play of beautiful melodies even without prior musical knowledge.

Learning the Tongue Drum: Child's Play

Playing the tongue drum is an intuitive experience accessible to all, even those new to music. You only need to strike the tongues with your fingers or the provided mallets to produce harmonious melodies. The soothing sound of the tongue drum provides a genuine relaxation, transporting you to a state of immense well-being.

Playing Techniques of the Tongue Drum

Generally, the tongue drum is played using fingers or mallets. There's no strict rule; the key is to be carried away by the melody and play according to one's feeling. Using mallets provides a more pronounced sound, while fingers allow for a gentler and subtler play.

Tongue Drum vs Handpan: A Difference in Tonality

Although the tongue drum is a percussive instrument like the handpan, it produces precise melodic notes unlike the latter. Each cut tongue on the tongue drum is tuned to a specific note, creating a rich and harmonious sound spectrum.

Mastering the Tongue Drum: A Matter of Hours

With the tongue drum, you'll be surprised by the speed of learning. Within just an hour, you can familiarize yourself with the instrument and play your first melodies. Regular practice is essential to refine your striking technique and enrich your musical repertoire.

Choosing the Frequency of the Tongue Drum

The frequency of 432 Hertz is ideal if you're seeking a deep relaxation experience. On the other hand, if you plan to play with other instruments, the frequency of 440 Hertz is the most commonly used. At ZenaPan, we offer tongue drums tuned to both frequencies to meet all your musical needs.