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Showing 1 - 24 of 28 products
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hand pans, hang musical instrument, frequency 432hzhandpans, hang drum, hand pan drum, frequency 440hz
Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes - F major
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handpan c major, hang musical instrument, hangdrumhand pans, frequency 432hz, frequency 432hzn hang drum
Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes - C major
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handpan mandala, hang drums; hang drums for sale; handpan g minorhandpan g minor, nirvana handpan; used handpan; frequency 432hz
Handpan Mandala 9 notes G Minor
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Golden 9-Note Handpan - G Minor Scalehung drum, how to play the handpan, hand pan songs, handpan kurd
Golden 9-Note Handpan - G Minor Scale
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cheap handpan; hand pan drums for sale; hanghand pan songs; handpad; handpan cases; hung drum
Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes dark blue - D minor
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handpan d minor, hand pans for sale; hand steel drum, bluehandpan drum music; handpan drum steel, handpan for sale
Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes blue - D minor
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hang musical instrument for sale; hang pan; hand drumhow much do handpans cost; hang , 432 frequency, handpan green
Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes green - D minor
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Why is stainless steel ideal for handpans ?

Stainless steel offers unparalleled clarity and resonance, elevating the musical experience of the steel hand drum to new heights. The durability of this steel ensures that your instrument will withstand the test of time, while maintaining the purity of its tone. Stainless steel handpans are the perfect choice for those seeking exceptional sound quality and unparalleled longevity.

Transition from the brilliance of stainless steel to the unique resonance of nitrided steel handpans. Diversify your sound palette by exploring our complete collection here.

What sets our stainless steel handpans apart ?

At Zena-Drum, each artisanal handpan is a work of art, crafted with passion and precision. Our stainless steel instruments stand out for their impeccable finish and their ability to produce deep and enveloping sounds. Their fair price reflects the superior quality and the special attention given to every detail, ensuring unmatched satisfaction.

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How to choose the perfect stainless steel handpan ?

Selecting the perfect original handpan at Zena-Drum means finding the instrument that speaks to your soul. Listen to the subtle differences in tone and resonance to identify the music handpan that will perfectly complement your musical expression. Our experts are here to guide you on this journey, ensuring that you purchase a handpan that truly resonates with you.

Why invest in a Zena-Drum stainless steel handpan ?

Investing in a Zena-Drum hand pans means choosing an instrument that combines innovation and tradition. Each handpan drum is the result of exceptional craftsmanship, offering superior acoustic performance and lasting aesthetic beauty. Our stainless steel handpans are designed to inspire musicians, from beginners to professionals, seeking excellence in their musical journey.

How do you get started with your new stainless steel handpan ?

Upon acquiring your handpan drum steel, Zena-Drum accompanies you with practical advice to make the most out of it. Whether for relaxation, musical composition, or live performances, your stainless steel handpan will quickly become an indispensable musical companion. Begin your journey with confidence, supported by the quality and expertise of Zena-Drum.

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