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Handpans 17 notes

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Handpan 17 notes golden - D minor
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What makes the 17-note handpan unique ?

A 17-note handpans offers a rare musical scale, allowing experts unprecedented freedom of expression. This expanded scale invites bolder compositions and deep sound exploration, making each melody unique. For the expert musician, this is the ultimate instrument of musical creation.

Discover our unique collection of Handpans for a distinctive melodic touch. For more variety, explore our full collection of hang drums by clicking here.

Why are musicians drawn to the handpan ?

The Handpan, or hang drum, with its soft and melodious resonance, has become a symbol of peace and creativity among percussion instruments. Whether used for relaxation, meditation, or live performances, the handpan offers a unique and enriching experience. The steel hang drum and steelpan versions provide sonic alternatives, but it is the handpan that captivates with its ease of play and harmonic depth.

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How to choose between a 432 Hz and a 440 Hz handpan ?

The decision to buy handpan tuned to 432 Hz or 440 Hz is often guided by personal preference for a more natural sound or easier integration with other instruments. At our handpan store, we offer you the choice, ensuring that your pan drums not only meets your musical needs but also enriches your well-being and artistic practice.

What are the advantages of a 17-note handpan for composers and musicians ?

For composers and musicians, a 17-note Zena-Drum opens up endless possibilities for creation. The accessible complexity of this instrument allows for exploration of harmonic and melodic territories previously unreachable, providing a rich backdrop for musical innovation and experimentation.

Why is Zena-Drum the destination of choice for expert handpans ?

Zena-Drum distinguishes itself through its commitment to providing handpans of original, artisanal craftsmanship of the highest quality, specially designed for expert-level musicians. Our 17-note handpans are carefully selected for their sound purity, durability, and ability to inspire creativity. Whether you're seeking a 440 hertz handpan for precision or a 432 hertz handpan for resonance, our collection represents the pinnacle of musical perfection.

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