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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products
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Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes - F major
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Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes - C major
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handpan d minor, hang musical instrument, frequency 432hzhand pans, hand drum instrument, frequency 432hz
Handpan 17 notes golden - D minor
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Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes dark blue - D minor
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handpan d minor, hand pans for sale; hand steel drum, bluehandpan drum music; handpan drum steel, handpan for sale
Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes blue - D minor
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hang musical instrument for sale; hang pan; hand drumhow much do handpans cost; hang , 432 frequency, handpan green
Handpan 9/10/12/13/14 notes green - D minor
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What makes an expert handpan so special ?

The expert-level handpan distinguishes itself with its complexity and harmonic richness. Offering configurations of up to 17 notes, these instruments allow for unprecedented musical exploration. Handpan sheet music becomes more elaborate, offering musicians the opportunity to create compositions of unparalleled depth and texture. These handpans are designed for those seeking to transcend the traditional boundaries of music.

Discover simplicity with our Handpans. Expand your horizons by exploring our complete range for all levels by clicking here.

Why opt for a handpan with 12 notes or more ?

Choosing a 12-note handpan or higher means venturing into a rich and diverse sound universe. Expert musicians can fully exploit the handpan's range, exploring complex melodies and sophisticated harmonies. These hand drum instruments foster unlimited creative expression, allowing for composing unique pieces that captivate and amaze.

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How to choose the right handpan for an expert level ?

When it comes to buy a handpan for experts, the key lies in selecting an instrument that matches your musical style and creative ambitions. Consider the handpan range that inspires your music. At Zena-Drum, we offer a variety of handpans, from 13-note models up to 17 notes, to satisfy the most demanding musicians.

The advantages of playing an expert-level handpan

Playing on an expert handpan opens up a world of musical possibilities. The complexity of arrangements and the depth of compositions you can achieve with these instruments are unparalleled. Whether for solo performances or collaborations, a high-quality handpan enables pushing the art of music to new heights.

Why is Zena-Drum your best choice for expert handpans ?

Zena-Drum is committed to providing handpans at fair prices without compromising quality. Our instruments for experts are selected for their sound excellence, durability, and ability to inspire musicians to achieve excellence. With Zena-Drum, you'll discover a dedicated partner in your artistic growth, offering the finest handpans to enrich your musical journey.

Take on the challenge and push your passion for the handpan to new horizons with our collection for experts. At Zena-Drum, we're here to accompany you at every step of your musical journey.

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