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Handpans 6 notes

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Mini Handpan 6 Notes Bronze
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Why choose a 6-note handpan ?

The handpan 6 notes is the ideal steel hand drum instrument for those beginning their journey in the captivating world of the handpan. Its simplicity provides an accessible approach to this instrument, allowing for intuitive and rewarding musical exploration. Whether you're seeking an authentic handpan or an artisanal model, our handpans 6 notes are designed to enrich your well-being and awaken your musical creativity.

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What are the handpan's wellness benefits ?

Playing the pan drums isn't just a musical experience; it's also a profound way to promote well-being. The harmonious vibrations and soothing tones of the hung drum, especially those tuned to 432Hz, are recognized for their relaxing and therapeutic effects. Discover how our handpans can become a tool for meditation and relaxation in your daily life.

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How to choose between 432Hz and 440Hz ?

The frequency of your hang drum can influence your musical experience. Models tuned to 432Hz are often described as offering a warmer and more natural sound, while those at 440Hz align with the international musical standard, facilitating integration with other instruments. At Zena-Drum, we provide options so you can purchase a pan instrument that resonates with your personal preferences and musical needs.

Why choose a handmade handpan ?

An artisanal handpan is synonymous with quality and authenticity. Each hanpan drum in our collection is carefully crafted by artisans, ensuring uniqueness and exceptional sound quality. Purchasing an artisanal hang drum also means supporting art and traditional craftsmanship, ensuring you receive an instrument with a true soul and a unique story.

Ready to explore the world of the handpan ?

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of our handpans 6 notes and begin your musical journey with Zena-Drum. Whether you're drawn to the benefits of handpan musical instrument and well-being, the precision of a 440-hertz handpan, or the warmth of a 432Hz handpan, our collection awaits you. Discover the instrument that will speak to your heart and enrich your musical life.

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