Steel Tongue Drum 432hz Mandala | C major 15 notes

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Discover the ZenaPan Mandala 15-note tongue drum

The tongue drum of choice for relaxation enthusiasts. Its 15 notes and 432Hz frequency provide perfect harmony for all levels of players. Find out more:

tongue drum relaxation 432hz

Extremely relaxing

tongue drum for beginner

For beginners & experts

tongue drum 432, frequency 432hz

Frequency of happiness (432hz)

tongue drum mandala, steel drum motif mandala fleur

Mandala pattern

The perfect instrument to awaken your inner musician

Tongue drums are a great introduction to music. It's very intuitive. That's why it's so popular with children and beginners alike.
With its 15 notes, the tongue drum offers many possibilities for development. It's also suitable for more advanced players.

tongue drum for sale, tank drum, steel tongue drum 432hz
buy tongue drum 432hz, steel tongue drum C major, tank drum 432hz

Embrace the present moment

Playing the steel tongue drum helps you find inner peace. Experience zen days thanks to the positive energy released. This steel tongue drum tuned in 432hz will help you achieve mindfulness.

Enjoy a pleasant, relaxing sound experience

Tongue drums only emit melodies that are pleasant to listen to. False notes are impossible, making the experience especially satisfying for both player and listener.

tongue drum 432hz, tongue drum mandala pattern, steel tongue drum for sale
tongue drum score, tongue drum guide, tongue drum exercises

Learn to play fast

The free Tongue Drum manual contains all the keys you need to master the instrument to perfection. Even for beginners.

tongue drum tips

Tips & Tricks

tank drum exercises & lessons

Exercises & lessons

tongue drum score pdf

13 ludic scores

steel tongue drum video tutorials, tongue drum lessons

+30 video tutorials (under creation)

A portable haven of peace

Compact and easy to transport, we offer a carry bag so you can relax anywhere. Take your tank drum mandala to a quiet place. Enjoy your relaxing moments wherever you are.

Light and comfortable

Case protects instrument.

tongue drum 432hz mandala c major, steel tongue drum 15 notes gold

A premium instrument

➤ Tuned in C Major
➤ Frequency of happiness in 432 Hz
➤ Notes: E-F-G-A-B-C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D-E (mi-fa-sol-la-si-do-ré-mi-fa-sol-la-si-do-ré-mi)
➤ Material: alloyed carbon steel
➤ Diameter: 14" (35.6 cm)
➤ Weight: 4.7 kg
➤ Laser-printed mandala pattern

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432hz mandala C major steel tongue drum 15 notes black
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ZenaPan values

ZenaPan is a tongue drum brand owned by ZenaDrum. Our mission is to promote harmony and relaxation through music. Our accessible, intuitive tongue drums are perfect tools for anyone seeking both relaxation and creative expression. They'll help you find your inner peace and reveal your natural musical potential.

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tambour a langue 432hz mandala do majeur, steel tongue drum 15 notes noir

Livré en 1 à 5 jours ouvrés

Les valeurs de ZenaPan

ZenaPan est une marque française de tongue drum. Notre mission est de promouvoir l'harmonie et la relaxation grâce à la musique. Nos tongue drums, accessibles et intuitifs, sont des outils parfaits pour toute personne recherchant à la fois la détente et l'expression créative. Ils vous aideront à trouver votre paix intérieure et à révéler votre potentiel musical naturel.

Achetez votre tongue drum et détendez-vous en musique maintenant

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