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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 product
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Handpan decoration protection rope band, hang drum accessory, handpan accessory, jute rope, braided rope, handpan outline protectionHandpan decoration protection rope band, hang drum accessory, handpan accessory, jute rope, braided rope, handpan outline protection
Braided rope handpan protection band
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Which accessories for my handpan ?

The handpan, also known as hang drum, is a delicate instrument requiring protection and care. For this, accessories like the hang drum protection strip and the handpan protective case are essential. These protections keep your instrument in perfect condition, shielding it from impacts and scratches. For musicians wishing to take their steel handpan on trips, these accessories provide unmatched peace of mind, ensuring the safety of your instrument during transport.

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How to choose the perfect stand for your handpan ?

A handpan stand is crucial not only for displaying your instrument but also for its preservation. A good stand, like our wooden handpan stand, ensures perfect stability and reduces the risks of damage. It also allows for playing in an ergonomic position, thus enhancing your comfort and performance. Choosing an appropriate stand is therefore a key step for any handpan owner eager to showcase their instrument while keeping it in the best conditions.

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Why integrate a microphone into your handpan setup ?

Adding a handpan microphone to your setup can transform your performances by capturing every nuance of your playing. Whether you want to record your compositions or amplify your sound during concerts, a quality microphone is essential. It enables you to share the richness and depth of your handpan sounds with a broader audience, ensuring an exceptional auditory experience.

Why choose a handpan pendant as a personal accessory ?

The handpan pendant is more than just a fashion accessory; it represents a deep connection with your instrument and the music it produces. Wear your passion around your neck and share your love for the handpan with the world. This small jewel is an elegant and discreet way to express your musician identity and stay inspired daily, constantly reminding you of the melody and harmony you create.

What is the importance of choosing Zena-Drum for your handpan accessories ?

Opting for Zena-Drum to purchase a handpan and its accessories means choosing a trusted partner who understands your needs as a musician. Our rigorous selection of accessories is designed to enhance your playing experience, protect your handpan instrument, and showcase it. From the superior quality of our protective covers to the stability of our wooden stands, each product has been chosen for its ability to meet the requirements of the most passionate handpan musicians. With Zena-Drum, you not only get high-quality products but also dedicated customer service and a community of like-minded musicians.

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