Steel Tongue Drum Mandala | D Major 11 notes

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Discover the 11-note Mandala tongue drum

This tongue drum offers tonal variety for players of all levels. Its Mandala design enriches the experience. Discover all its advantages.

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Extremely relaxing

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Perfectly tuned

tongue drum mandala, steel tongue drum mandala pattern

Mandala pattern

The perfect instrument to awaken your inner musician

This mandala tongue drum lets you play beautiful music fast. It's very intuitive. Designed with 11 notes, this tongue drum is ideal for beginners and intermediates.

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Live your life in the present moment

Explore serenity with our 440hz tank drum. Harmonize with other instruments, immerse yourself in relaxation and stimulate your musical creativity.

Create your own relaxing melodies

The tongue drum produces only harmonious sounds. With no false notes, the performance soothes both the player and the audience.

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Learn to play quickly

The free Tongue Drum music booklet will help you master the instrument to perfection.

tongue drum tips

Tips & tricks

tongue drum instrument

Exercises & lessons

tongue drum score pdf

13 playful scores

steel tongue drum video tutorial, tongue drum lessons

+30 video tutorials (in progress)

Essential for your next trip

Compact in size and easy to carry, your Mandala steel tongue drum comes with a case specially designed to make your travels easier. Take serenity with you and enjoy relaxing moments wherever you go.

Light and comfortable

Case protects instrument.

tongue drum mandala D major, steel tongue drum 11 notes instrument


➤ Tuned in D Major
➤ Classical frequency 440 Hz
➤ Notes: A-B-C#-D-E-F-G-A-B-C#-D (la-si-do#-ré-mi-fa#-sol-la-si-do#-ré)
➤ Material: Alloy carbon steel
➤ Diameter: (10") 25.4 cm
➤ Weight: 2.6 kg
➤ Laser-printed mandala motif

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ZenaPan brand values

ZenaPan is a tongue drum brand owned by ZenaDrum. Our mission is to promote harmony and relaxation through music. Our accessible, intuitive tongue drums are perfect tools for anyone seeking both relaxation and creative expression. They'll help you find your inner peace and reveal your natural musical potential.

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