Steel Tongue Drum for children | C major 8 notes

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Discover the 8-note children's tongue drum

Discover a tongue drum perfect for kids or for those looking for a compact, affordable instrument.

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Easy to play

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Great gift for kids

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Perfectly tuned

tongue drum housse de transport

Easy to carry

Awaken your child's passion for music

Play beautiful music quickly with the steel tongue drum. It's very intuitive. This 8-note tongue drum is perfect for children's musical initiation.

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Stimulate your child's imagination and creativity

Every note produced by our tongue drum offers a rich sensory experience. It's an ideal tool for developing coordination and a sense of rhythm, all while having fun.

Building self-confidence through harmony

No false notes with our tank drum! It's a reassuring instrument that lets your child produce his own music with confidence, boosting his self-esteem.

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Vivez une expérience sonore plaisante et relaxante

Le ZenaDrum a été conçu pour n'émettre que des mélodies agréables à écouter. La fausse note est impossible, ce qui rend l'expérience spécialement apaisante.

tongue drum score, tongue drum guide, tongue drum exercises

Learn to play fast

The free Tongue Drum booklet will help you master the instrument to perfection.

tongue drum vector

Tips & Tricks

tank drum exercises & lessons

Exercises & lessons

tongue drum score, tongue drum score pdf

13 ludic scores

tongue drum tutorial, learn to play tongue drum

+30 video tutorials (in development)

Promoting musical discovery and sharing

Our sturdy, portable steel tongue drum guarantees hours of musical exploration. Your child can share their love of music anywhere, anytime, promoting musical discovery and sharing.

Light and comfortable

Case protects instrument.

tongue drum C major 8 note, cheap tongue drum


➤ Tuned in C Major
➤ Classical frequency 440 Hz
➤ Notes: C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C (do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si-do)
➤ Material: recyclable stainless steel
➤ Diameter: 15.2 cm
➤ Weight: 750g
➤ Laser-printed numbers

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cheap tongue drum 8 note C major, buy cheap steel tongue drum
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ZenaPan brand values

ZenaPan is a tongue drum brand owned by ZenaDrum. Our mission is to promote harmony and relaxation through music. Our accessible, intuitive tongue drums are perfect tools for anyone seeking both relaxation and creative expression. They'll help you find your inner peace and reveal your natural musical potential.

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