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Choosing the right musical instrument, like a handpan or hang drum, to suit your aspirations is never simple. Typically inclined towards classical sounds, we find the handpan intriguing with its unique diatonic scales, offering unmatched emotional richness.

For those drawn to enchanting sounds, the Mystic scale is ideal. This article, enriched with thorough research, guides you through the subtleties of the minor hexatonic scale, opening the doors to a fascinating musical universe.

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    1. Musical Explanations of the Mystic Scale

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    The Mystic scale on the handpan stands out with its special harmonic construction, derived from the natural hexatonic minor scale. This scale, reduced to six distinct notes, omits the perfect fourth, resulting in a rich and deep sound texture.

    Originally inspired by the mystic chord or the Prometheus scale, popularized by the innovative composer Alexander Scriabin, this scale creates a unique soundscape for the hang drum, making it ideal for composing pieces with profound emotional character.

    a. Origin and Inspiration

    The origin of the Mystic scale traces back to the mystic chord or Prometheus scale, which served as a foundation for Alexander Scriabin to explore new and bold musical territories.

    This scale is unique in that it breaks conventions by eliminating the perfect fourth, opening up a field of melodic and harmonic exploration particularly suited to introspective and meditative atmospheres.

    b. Harmonic Division

    The scale divides into two clear harmonic sections:

    • Lower Section

    Includes the minor sixth and perfect fifth, establishing a solid and emotionally charged base for composition.

    • Upper Section

    Composed of the remaining notes, this section enriches the melody by building on the base note to develop a more complex and nuanced sound texture.

    c. Emotional Impact

    The deliberate choice of the minor seventh as the culminating point of this scale brings a melancholic and introspective resolution. This unique arrangement fosters the creation of compositions that deeply touch the listener, inviting introspection and contemplation.

    By its structure and particular sounds, the Mystic scale transforms the handpan into a vehicle for intense emotional expressions, ideal for relaxation, meditation, and psychological well-being.

    Thus, the Mystic scale on the handpan or hang drum opens a window to a captivating sound world, where each note played is an invitation to explore the depths of the human soul.

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    2. Discover the Relaxing Sound of this Scale

    Since a video is worth a thousand words, we invite you to admire the soothing sound of this scale on the steel hand drum. Close your eyes and escape into a world of well-being and serenity.


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    3. The Benefits of the Mystic Handpan

    Handpans, and specifically those tuned to the Mystic scale, transcend the simple definition of musical instruments to become true catalysts of emotions and well-being.

    The Mystic scale, with its deep nuances and enchanting ambiance, offers an unparalleled auditory experience, shaping a sound universe that resonates far beyond the notes themselves.

    a. Enchanting Ambiance

    • Mystery and Depth

    Compositions created in this scale carry an air of mystery and introspection, inviting the listener to dive into a world of inner reflection.

    • Universal Connection

    Each note played on a Mystic hang drum seems to remind us of our intrinsic connection with the universe, fostering a sense of unity with our surroundings.

    b. Emotional and Therapeutic Impact

    • Fluid and Intense

    The sounds of the Mystic handpan are characterized by their fluidity and intensity, creating a therapeutic effect that can both soothe and revitalize the soul.

    • Beauty and Art

    Each note is like a brushstroke on a canvas, revealing the hidden beauty of our sound environment and offering a new perspective on the world around us.

    Through these aspects, the Mystic handpan proves to be a powerful tool for well-being, capable of deeply touching those who listen and transforming the space around them into a haven of peace and beauty.

    4. Buying a Mystic Handpan


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    5. Comparison Between the Mystic Scale and Other Handpan Scales

    Characteristic Mystic Scale Other Handpan Scales
    Number of Notes Hexatonic (6 notes) Varies, often 7 to 9 notes
    Absent Notes Perfect fourth absent Complete or with other notes absent
    Ambiance Mysterious, introspective Various, depending on the scale (joyful, melancholic, etc.)
    Origin Inspired by Scriabin’s mystic chord Inspired by various cultures and music
    Usage Meditation, introspection, well-being Wide range, from meditation to entertainment
    Emotional Impact Deep, inviting introspection Varies depending on the scale


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    By embracing the Mystic scale on the handpan, we open a door to a transcendental musical experience, where each note played connects us more deeply to the universe and ourselves.

    This scale, rich in emotions and mystery, transforms music into an inner journey, offering well-being and tranquility. The steel pan thus becomes more than an instrument: a guide to inner harmony and personal discovery.

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    1. What is the best scale for a handpan?

    The best handpan scale depends on your musical preference. Popular choices include D minor, Celtic minor (Amara), and Hijaz. D minor is versatile and soothing, ideal for meditation and relaxation. Each scale offers a unique sound, allowing players to find the perfect fit for their style.

    2. What key is best for a handpan?

    The best key for a handpan varies based on personal preference. D minor is highly popular due to its emotional depth and versatility. Other popular keys include C minor and F major, each providing a distinct tonal quality that suits different musical genres and moods.

    3. Are all handpans in D minor?

    Not all handpans are in D minor, but it is a common choice. Handpans come in various scales and keys, including Celtic minor (Amara), E minor, and F# major. Each scale offers a unique sound, allowing players to choose one that best fits their musical style and preferences.

    4. What are the notes of a handpan?

    The notes of a handpan depend on its scale and tuning. For example, a D minor handpan typically includes notes like D, A, C, D, E, F, and G. The specific arrangement of notes creates the instrument's distinct sound, making each handpan unique.

    5. Where can I buy a high-quality handpan?

    You can buy a high-quality handpan from specialized stores like Zena-Drum. Look for detailed descriptions, clear characteristics, and customer reviews to make an informed purchase. Our collection includes various models to suit your needs, whether you're a beginner or an experienced player.