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Discover the enchanting world of the handpan, a fascinating musical instrument that invites relaxation and sound escape. Originating from the percussion family, the hang drum stands out with its harmonious scale, especially the Celtic minor, or Amara, favored by both beginners and experts.

Its unique sound, capable of resonating at 432 hertz for relaxation or 440 hertz for composition, makes it a preferred choice for those seeking well-being and musical inspiration.

This article will explore the characteristics of the Celtic minor scale, criteria for choosing a handpan, new or used, and where to acquire this instrument, offering a comprehensive guide for any music enthusiast.

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1. The amara scale has its origins in Irish music

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The Amara scale, also known as the Celtic minor scale, is a fascinating adaptation of the traditional hexatonic Dorian minor scale, rooted in the rich musical traditions of Ireland and Scotland. This unique arrangement for the steel drum draws its essence from the depth of Celtic music, with its melodic and emotional resonance.

a. Celtic Origins and Adaptation to the Handpan

The Amara scale is a creative transformation of the Dorian minor scale, specifically designed to embrace the unique sounds of the handpan drum. By eliminating the sixth degree of the Aeolian mode, or natural minor scale, it forms a dual mode that resonates particularly well on this percussion instrument.

This modification brings a distinct musical color, deeply rooted in the heritage of Celtic music, offering an entryway into a sacred and timeless sonic universe.

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b. Sacred Ambiance and Versatility

The unique character of the Celtic minor scale lies in its ability to create a sacred ambiance, inviting contemplation and relaxation. Unlike traditional complete scales, it focuses on chords and sounds of the minor seventh, avoiding the tension often associated with diminished chords.

This specificity makes the Amara scale a preferred choice for compositions seeking to evoke emotional depth and well-being.

c. Musical Possibilities with the Ding

At the heart of this scale lies the Ding, the fundamental note that serves as the pivot for musical exploration on the handpan. This note opens up a range of musical possibilities, allowing musicians to navigate various harmonies with ease.

The Amara scale thus lends itself to accompanying three major scales and three relative minor scales, in addition to its original Dorian function. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for musicians seeking to experiment and enrich their musical vocabulary on the hang drum.

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The Celtic minor or Amara scale, with its deep roots in Celtic musical tradition and reinterpretation for the steel hang drum, offers a rich and versatile means of expression for musicians. It symbolizes a bridge between the past and present, between tradition and innovation, making the pantam a vehicle for well-being and sound escape.

2. Insights from David Charrier, a Handpan Pioneer

3. Comparison of Other Handpan Scales to the Celtic Minor (Amara) Scale

Characteristic Celtic Minor (Amara) Scale Other Popular Scales
Origin Inspired by Celtic music from Ireland and Scotland Various, depending on the scale (e.g., Asian, African)
Notes Hexatonic, without the sixth degree of the Aeolian mode Varies (pentatonic, diatonic, etc.)
Ambiance Sacred, contemplative, conducive to relaxation Varies (joyful, melancholic, energetic, etc.)
Usage Relaxation, meditation, introspective compositions Various (performances, meditation, music education)
Chords Focused on minor seventh sounds Can include a wider variety of chords
Compatibility Excellent with three major and minor relative scales Depends on the scale and musical context
Versatility Highly versatile, suitable for different musical styles Varies according to the scale structure and notes
Resonance Frequency 432 Hz for relaxation, 440 Hz for composition Varies, often calibrated at 440 Hz
Recommended Level Beginners and experts Depends on the complexity of the scale


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Buying a Celtic / Amara Handpan

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The Celtic minor or Amara scale is based on the common scale in traditional Celtic music. The absence of the sixth note makes this scale even more intuitive and harmonious. It is suitable for all beginners wanting to start playing the hang drum.



1. What is the best scale for handpan?

The best handpan scale depends on your musical preference. Popular choices include D minor, Celtic, and Amara. D minor is versatile and soothing, making it ideal for meditation and relaxation. Each scale offers a unique sound, allowing players to find the perfect fit for their style.

2. What is the difference between D Amara and D Celtic?

The difference between D Amara and D Celtic lies in their notes. D Amara typically has a more meditative and soothing sound, while D Celtic offers a brighter, more lively tone. Both are popular handpan scales, but they evoke different emotions and are suited for varying musical styles.

3. What notes are in the handpan D Celtic minor?

The D Celtic minor handpan includes the notes: D, A, C, D, E, F, G, and A. This scale is known for its melodic and harmonious sound, making it a favorite among handpan players for creating beautiful, flowing melodies that are both soothing and expressive.

4. What are the notes of a handpan?

The notes of a handpan vary depending on the scale and tuning. Common scales include D minor, Celtic, and Amara. A typical handpan might have 7 to 9 notes, such as D, F, A, C, and G, each producing unique, resonant tones that contribute to the instrument's mesmerizing sound.

5. Where can I buy a high-quality handpan?

You can buy a high-quality handpan from specialized stores like Zena-Drum. Look for detailed descriptions, clear characteristics, and customer reviews to make an informed purchase. Our collection includes various models to suit your needs, whether you're a beginner or an experienced player.