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Purchasing a handpan often aligns with the desire to integrate it into meditation sessions. Known for its soft and relaxing melodies, this melodic percussion instrument has the unique ability to guide the mind towards deep tranquility.

However, it is important to note that not all handpans offer the same experience. Indeed, some models, especially those tuned in D minor available at Zena-Drum, stand out for their ability to enhance the practice of music therapy. We reveal the secrets to optimal use of your handpan tuned to 432 Hz for maximum relaxation.

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1. The Importance of Music Therapy

Music therapy is rapidly gaining recognition as a non-invasive therapeutic method, attracting increasing interest for its effects on mental and physical well-being. Extensive studies highlight the significant impact of music on the brain, revealing impressive benefits.

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One particular study emphasizes that exposure to music can not only accelerate motor recovery in patients who have suffered a stroke but also contribute to improving their walking efficiency in terms of speed, rhythm, stride length, and balance.

The practice of music therapy is praised for its ability to enrich the quality of life of its beneficiaries. It helps alleviate psychological disorders, combat depression and anxiety, boost self-esteem, and foster emotional expression and communication.

Due to these promising results, music therapy is now included in the curricula of many prestigious universities, highlighting its potential and growing importance in the field of mental health.

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2. Handpan and Music Therapy

Handpans are not all identical in their sound. The musical structure of each instrument depends on the tuning done by the handpan maker, and thus the chosen scale of notes.

As a diatonic musical instrument, it is the artisan who selects which notes of the chromatic scale will be present on the instrument. Consequently, some hand drum instrument are more suited than others to deep and melancholic sounds.

Here is a video showcasing the magical sound of hanging drum in D minor

3. Handpans Tuned in D Minor and F Minor

Handpans instrument tuned in D minor and F minor are particularly suited for introspection and, therefore, music therapy. Conversely, tunings in E or B offer more oriental scales, for example.

Studies have shown that sad tones are the most suitable for helping people overcome depressive or anxious states. Therefore, it is crucial to choose your hand pans carefully to fully benefit from the depth of its enchanting notes.

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4. What Rhythm to Adopt with the Handpan?

Now that we have highlighted the importance of music for our psychological balance and indicated which type of hang drum instrument is best suited for music therapy, let's talk about rhythm.

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Once again, scientists enlighten us. Studies conducted by researchers have highlighted the importance of rhythm in neurological rehabilitation. What rhythm?

For scientists, the best rhythm is the one that meets the listener's expectations. That is to say, to work best, the rhythm must be "individualized," to use the exact term from the study.

Therefore, there is no single way to do music therapy, but as many as there are ears to listen to it. Buy a handpan and let yourself be carried away by the expectations of your audience.

5. Comparative Benefits of Music Therapy: Traditional vs. Handpan

Aspect of Well-being Traditional Music Therapy Music Therapy with the Handpan
Emotional Improves mood, reduces anxiety and depression. Offers a deeply immersive and soothing listening experience.
Physical Can reduce pain and improve motor functions. Promotes muscle relaxation and reduces physical stress through unique vibrations.
Cognitive Stimulates memory and attention. Encourages concentration and mindfulness through its harmonious melodies.
Social Facilitates emotional expression and improves social skills. Creates unique shared experiences, strengthening bonds between participants.
Spiritual Can offer a sense of connection and inner peace. Invites spiritual exploration and meditation through its enchanting sounds.


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Music therapy with the hand pan drums offers a fascinating path to well-being by adapting the rhythm to the unique needs of the listener. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, the important thing is to listen and respond to your audience's expectations. With patience and practice, the hang drum becomes a powerful tool for healing and relaxation, proving that music is truly medicine for the soul.

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1. Is the Handpan a healing instrument?

Yes, the handpan is often considered a healing instrument. Its soothing, melodic tones are ideal for music therapy, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The unique vibrations of the hang drum promote relaxation and emotional well-being.

2. How do you practice music therapy with a Handpan?

To practice music therapy with a handpan, create a calm environment and play soothing melodies. Focus on rhythms and tones that resonate with the listener’s emotional state. Regular practice can enhance relaxation, mindfulness, and emotional expression, making the handpan a powerful tool for healing.

3. What are the 4 steps of music therapy?

The four steps of music therapy are assessment, treatment planning, intervention, and evaluation. In the context of handpan therapy, this involves understanding the client's needs, designing personalized sessions, playing therapeutic melodies, and assessing the emotional and psychological impact of the music.

4. How are instruments used in music therapy?

Instruments in music therapy are used to facilitate emotional expression, relaxation, and cognitive development. The handpan, with its unique sound and vibration, is particularly effective in creating a peaceful atmosphere, aiding in stress reduction, and enhancing the therapeutic process through its melodic tones.

5. Can beginners use a Handpan for music therapy?

Absolutely, beginners can use a handpan for music therapy. The instrument’s intuitive design and soothing sound make it accessible to all skill levels. Beginners can start with simple rhythms and gradually explore more complex melodies, using the handpan to promote relaxation and emotional well-being.