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The number of handpan (also known as hang drum) sellers has multiplied in recent years. From one manufacturer in 2005 to over 300 today, how do you buy a good handpan? With few music stores offering this instrument, where can you buy a good handpan online ?

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There are no secrets; you need to investigate to determine if a website is the right place to buy a hand drum. Some offer the best handpans tuned in D minor, ranging from 9 to 17 notes, while others offer handpans in D or C major. How do you know which to choose ?

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1. Pay Attention to Site Quality

Websites selling handpans are plentiful. To separate the good from the bad, consider the site's quality.

Here are several factors to consider:

  • Quality of the pages
  • Clarity of handpan characteristics
  • Depth of the handpan scale
  • Customer reviews
  • Quality of advice

We'll detail each of these points so you can make the right choice.

2. Quality of Pages

When discussing page quality, consider loading speed and writing quality.

A website reflects a company's quality, no more, no less. If you navigate a site where pages take forever to load or are missing, it's time to find a new seller. Similarly, paragraphs full of spelling and grammar errors rarely reflect a serious company.

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3. Clarity of Handpan Characteristics

When buying a handpan, you need to understand the instrument's features. The manufacturer should indicate the scale the instrument is tuned to and how the notes are arranged on the dimples. They should also recommend the best products for maintenance.

It's essential that sellers indicate if their instruments are made of nitrided or stainless steel, as maintenance differs. Another crucial factor is the handpan's frequency. Is it tuned to 440Hz, the same as Western instruments, or 432Hz, which doesn't allow for orchestral play?

These are key characteristics trustworthy handpan sellers provide.

4. Depth of scale

Making a handpan is an art requiring great skill. The more notes on the dome, the more errors and false notes can occur.

Only experienced makers can offer a wide range of handpans, from nine to 17 notes. Beginners in handpan making can't produce such complex instruments.

5. Customer reviews

Don't stop at previous advice without reading customer reviews of the instrument you want to buy. In the absence of reviews, you can either take a risk and be the first to leave a review or find a more established handpan manufacturer.

Check out Zena-Drum customers reviews here.

6. Comparison: Buying a Handpan from Zena-Drum vs. a Non-Expert Site

Advantages of buying from Zena-Drum Risks of buying from a non-expert site
Assurance of quality and durability through a rigorous material selection. Risk of acquiring a lower-quality instrument that may deteriorate quickly.
Varied musical scales and personalized advice to choose the ideal instrument. Limited choices and lack of advice for beginners.
Satisfaction guarantee and responsive after-sales service. Lack of reliable warranty or after-sales service.
Precise tuning at 432 Hz or 440 Hz, depending on your choice. Imprecise tuning affecting the instrument's sound quality.
Transparent and competitive prices, with options for new and verified used handpans. Attractive prices but lack of transparency and risk of hidden costs.


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7. Quality of advice

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A hang instrument manufacturer knows their craft. Articles on their website should answer all your questions in clear language.

Remember Boileau's words: "What is well conceived is clearly stated, and the words to say it come easily." In other words, when dealing with a professional, they know what they're talking about and can explain it to you.

If you're on a site selling steel handpan instrument that hasn't explained what an octave, diatonic, or nitrided steel is, it's best to find another site.

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8. Key Criteria for Choosing and Buying a Handpan

Criteria Description
Musical scale Choose according to the style of music you want to play. Major or minor scales are ideal for beginners.
Material Nitrided steel offers deep resonance and increased longevity. Stainless steel is less prone to rust.
Tuning (Hz) 432 Hz for a more relaxing experience, 440 Hz for easy integration with other instruments.
New or used New handpans guarantee maximum quality. Used options can be economical but require careful verification.
Estimated price Varies widely by brand, quality, and seller. Prices generally start around $1,000.


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Buying a handpan is more than a material acquisition; it's an invitation to explore vibrations and harmony. Whether you're a beginner looking to explore percussion or an expert seeking to enrich your collection, choosing a handpan aligns with your personal quest for well-being and artistic expression.

Let the scale and notes that resonate with your soul guide you, and embark on an unparalleled sonic experience.

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1. How much does a good handpan cost ?

A good handpan typically costs between $1,000 and $3,000. Prices vary depending on the maker, materials used, and the number of notes. High-quality handpans offer better sound quality and durability, making them worth the investment for serious musicians.

2. Which handpan is the best ?

The best handpan depends on your needs and preferences. Popular choices include handpans tuned in D minor or C major. Reputable makers offer well-crafted instruments with excellent resonance. Look for handpans made from nitrided or stainless steel for durability and quality.

3. How do I know which handpan to buy ?

To choose the right handpan, consider factors like scale, material, and your musical goals. Beginners often prefer handpans with fewer notes for ease of play. Research customer reviews and listen to sound samples from different makers to find the best handpan for you.

4. Are handpans worth it ?

Yes, handpans are worth it for their unique sound and therapeutic benefits. Playing the handpan can reduce stress, enhance creativity, and provide a meditative experience. Investing in a quality handpan ensures better sound quality and a longer-lasting instrument.

5. Where can I buy a good handpan ?

You can buy a good handpan from specialized handpan stores or workshops like Zena-Drum. Online platforms like Superprof offer connections with experienced makers. Ensure the site provides clear handpan characteristics, customer reviews, and detailed descriptions to make an informed choice.