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A quality handpan can cost between $700 and $3,500, with prices starting around $600. (Not to be confused with a tongue drum). The handpan price is similar to other instruments like the violin. But why is this hang drum so expensive?

It's not just two pieces of metal glued together. The handpan is far more complex. We'll explain why handpans cost so much and why Zena-Drum can deliver quickly.

For those searching for a handpan near me, understanding the craftsmanship and materials involved can justify the investment. Discover the true value of this exceptional steel percussion instrument.

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1. Why are Handpans so expensive ?

It’s the manufacturing process, combined with the law of supply and demand, that makes the handpan so costly.

a. The manufacturing process

Creating a single handpan takes between three to four weeks of work. This lengthy process involves many steps:

  • Sculpting a steel sheet.
  • Manually hammering the structure to form the dome.
  • Performing a thermochemical nitriding treatment.
  • Marking the instrument to prepare for tuning.
  • Tuning the instrument, usually to 7 to 10 notes.
  • Attaching the instrument's base.
  • Retuning the instrument. 
  • Polishing the entire instrument.

These steps are why the manufacturing process makes the handpan so expensive. This also explains why, in many businesses, supply is much lower than demand, creating long waiting lists.

b. A supply and demand issue

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About ten years ago, the wait time to acquire a handpan was one to three years. Fortunately, the number of manufacturers has significantly increased, improving the quality of the instruments, expanding the scale of products, and increasing their availability.

There are now over 300 manufacturers worldwide. Most of them allow you to acquire a steel hand drum without long waiting times.

However, many workshops still face demand that far exceeds their production capacities, and it’s not uncommon for them to make you wait several weeks or even months to deliver the instrument of your dreams.

Explore our range of quality, durable handpans. Find your perfect sound at a fair price. Visit our store here to start your musical journey !

2. How does Zena-Drum deliver quickly ?

The quick delivery from Zena-Drum is due to an innovative stock management approach, differing from the traditional just-in-time method. This strategy allows Zena-Drum to respond instantly to demands, ensuring unmatched customer satisfaction in the handpan industry.

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a. Innovative Stock Strategy

  • Large Stocks Available

Unlike the industry norm, Zena-Drum intentionally maintains a substantial inventory, allowing for immediate shipment after an order is placed.

  • Market Adaptation

The sustained demand for handpans justifies this flexible stock management, with Zena-Drum anticipating consumer needs to avoid any stock shortages.

b. Responding to High Demand

  • High Demand

The growing popularity of the handpan requires constant availability, which is incompatible with just-in-time stock management.

  • Artisanal Production

The artisanal nature of handpan manufacturing lengthens production times, making traditional stock management unsuitable for this industry.

c. Consumer Benefits

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  • Fast Delivery

Zena-Drum's stock strategy ensures expedited delivery, meeting customers' expectations to receive their instruments quickly.

  • Guaranteed Quality

Every handpan is a handcrafted product, made with care. The stock management allows maintaining high quality, with each instrument available for immediate shipment.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Zena-Drum's ability to deliver promptly contributes to a positive customer experience, enhancing the company's reputation in the handpan market.

In summary, Zena-Drum's adaptive stock management is a cornerstone of its success, combining responsiveness and quality to effectively meet the high demand of handpan enthusiasts.

At Zena-Drum, there are no waiting lists, no negotiations to get ahead of other customers, and no lottery system to be drawn for an instrument. You order your handpan, and it is delivered within 7-12 business days.

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3. Zena-Drum's commitment to environmental responsibility

Zena-Drum also commits to an eco-responsible approach, aware of the environmental impact of producing and distributing handpans. This commitment is reflected in several concrete actions:

  • Selection of Sustainable Materials

Using recycled or easily recyclable materials for handpan production, minimizing the ecological footprint.

  • Optimizing Transportation

Grouping deliveries to reduce CO2 emissions and choosing logistics partners committed to carbon offsetting.

  • Supporting Green Initiatives

A portion of profits is invested in reforestation projects and the conservation of natural ecosystems.

This commitment illustrates Zena-Drum's dedication to positively contributing to the planet while providing high-quality instruments to its customers.


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4. Handpan price overview by level and customization

Type of handpan Features Estimated price
Handpan beginner Standard materials, limited scale $800 - $1 200
Intermediate handpan Quality materials, more notes $1 200 - $2 000
Handpan expert High quality, premium materials, extensive scale $2 000 - $3 000+
Customized handpan Custom design, choice of materials and scales $3 000 - $5 000+


Things to remember

The purchase of a Handpan represents a significant investment, reflecting not only the quality of the instrument but also its ability to enrich the user's musical life. As our table illustrates, the price varies greatly according to skill level and customization requirements.

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It is crucial to consider both your budget and your musical aspirations before making your choice, thus ensuring that your hang drum is not just an instrument, but a true sound travel companion.

Don't sacrifice quality ! Explore our collection and enjoy perfect sound at the best value. Treat yourself to the musical journey you deserve.


1. How much should a handpan cost ?

A quality handpan typically costs between $700 and $3,500. The price varies based on craftsmanship, materials, and tuning. High-end models may cost more due to their exceptional sound quality and durability, making them a worthwhile investment for serious musicians.

2. Why is a hang drum so expensive ?

The high cost of a hang drum is due to its intricate manufacturing process. Creating one involves weeks of labor, from shaping the steel and applying thermochemical treatments to precise tuning. This craftsmanship ensures superior sound and longevity, justifying the handpan price.

3. Are handpans worth it ?

Yes, handpans are worth the investment for their unique sound and versatility. Ideal for relaxation, yoga, and musical compositions, they offer a range of tones that are both soothing and inspiring. Their handcrafted nature also ensures each instrument is unique.

4. What is the difference between a handpan and a hang ?

The term handpan is a generic name for steel percussion instruments, while Hang is a specific brand created by PANArt. Both offer similar sounds, but handpans from various makers provide diverse options in terms of design, material, and tuning.

5. Can I find a handpan near me ?

Yes, you can find a handpan near me through various online retailers and local shops. Zena-Drum offers a wide selection of handpans with quick delivery, ensuring you receive your instrument promptly. Check online directories and music stores for more options.