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Are you a percussion enthusiast or know someone who is? Whether you're just starting to play the handpan or looking to gift one to a fellow enthusiast, Zena-Drum has you covered.

Our selection includes exquisite hang instruments in D minor, the preferred handpan scale for many. D minor offers a rich and captivating sound, making it a popular choice among players. Whether you're interested in a sleek black, vibrant green, or luxurious gold handpan with seventeen notes in D minor, we've got you covered.

In this article, explore our curated collection of the top five handpans and their unique features, including the most highly praised model among our 400+ satisfied customers.


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1. Handpan 10 notes black

Introducing our top pick for you at Zena-Drum: the 10-note black handpan. This exquisite percussion instrument delivers unparalleled sound purity, making it ideal for meditation sessions and musical exploration alike. Immerse yourself in the soothing melodies of the handpan as you reconnect with inner peace and harmony with the earth.

Crafted for durability and balanced sustain, this robust handpan drum ensures both longevity and captivating melodies. Its sleek black finish adds a touch of elegance to any interior decor, seamlessly blending into your space.

Whether you're an experienced player or just starting your musical journey, the 10-note black handpan is a valuable addition to your collection. Don't miss out on our special promotion across all Zena-Drum stores. Elevate your handpan music experience with this exceptional instrument today.

Discover the sound of this handpan with the following video:


Ready to explore the sonic depths of the black 10-note handpan ? Discover our collection and find the instrument that's right for you !

2. Handpan 10 notes vert

The 10-note green handpan is crafted especially for nature enthusiasts. Its verdant hue immerses you in the serene world of ecosystems and forests, evoking calmness, tranquility, balance, and serenity. It's the perfect companion for gatherings with friends in the mountains or forests.

With its peaceful and harmonious sound, this hang drum exudes a sense of peace and tranquility. Its balanced sustain ensures stability and consistent sound projection.

Despite any reservations about its green color, rest assured, this instrument's durability guarantees resilience against impacts, promising long-lasting enjoyment. Take advantage of our site-wide discount and click the link to get your hands on the green D minor handpan.

The following video gives you an idea of what the handpan sounds like:


Let yourself be enchanted by the vibrant harmonies of the green 10-note handpan ! Explore our collection and treat yourself to a symphony of color and sound.

3. Golden 9 notes Handpan

Having a tight budget and still acquiring a high-quality instrument is entirely feasible. Case in point: the golden 9 snote handpan. It's the sole instrument in its class offering the best value for money. Currently, save $300 on the purchase of 1 hang drum.

With such a beauty in your possession, you can take pride in showcasing its melodious tones to friends and family. If you're not yet an expert handpan player, this is the one to go for. The 9-note golden handpan is perfectly suited to you. With its nine notes, you'll find it easier to navigate compared to a 12 or 13-note hang drum.

Moreover, the notes are well separated to prevent entanglement, making it ideal for group or individual relaxation sessions. Its style and design only add to its allure.

Here's a taste of what this handpan sounds like with the following video


Awaken your musical soul with the golden 9-note handpan! Explore our collection and find the instrument that will light up your creativity.

4. Handpan 9 notes black

When you choose to treat yourself to a black 9 notes handpan, the first thing that catches your attention is the harmonious sound it produces. Undoubtedly, this pleasant tone will undoubtedly be relaxing for you and your family. You can be sure to find peace or help your loved ones find it with this tool.

In addition to its purity, the black 9-note hang drum boasts a sober color that is a great asset. Such a color blends easily with any type of interior decor. You can therefore install it in your living room or bedroom according to your ambitions or tastes. Another advantage of the black 9 notes hang drum is that its notes are equally isolated from each other. This makes it easy for beginners to play.

Furthermore, its impressive build not only guarantees its solidity but also gives it a unique style. This musical wonder is currently priced at less than $900. You save up to $300.00 by purchasing from us.

The following video explains the sound of this handpan.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the black 9 notes hand drum ! Explore our collection and discover the instrument that will stir your soul.

5. Golden 17 notes Handpan

The gold 17-note handpan is a favorite among percussion enthusiasts. It's a smart and worthwhile investment because it has two sides. One side contains 8 notes, and the other side contains 9 notes. Each has its own unique sound. You can choose the one you prefer according to your mood of the day. It's perfectly suited for beginners.

It's also possible to play both sides simultaneously for more musical possibilities. So as you advance, you won't need to buy a second handpan. You'll essentially have 2 handpans in 1, two for the price of one.


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The gold 17 notes hang drum is available and accessible at all levels for $1,490.00 instead of $1,790.00. When purchasing the hang drum, you'll receive a free braided cord protection ribbon valued at $49.90. This makes it a very sturdy handpan that can withstand shocks.

It has a very relaxing sound and comes with new features that offer many playing possibilities. That said, the 17-note handpan has a higher price than the 9 or 10-note handpans, but the advantage is that you won't need to buy a second one as you progress. Caring about your budget, Zena-Drum offers you the option to pay in installments and up to six times.

The following video explains the sound of this handpan :

Become the conductor of your own symphony with the golden 17 notes handpan ! Order your very own golden 17-note handpan in D minor now.

6. Summary table

To help you choose from the best options available, here's a comparison table of the features and characteristics of these 5 exceptional handpans.

Model Color Nombre de Notes Idéal Pour

Promotional Price

Special features
Handpan 10 notes Black Black 10 Meditation On sale Purity of sound, Inner peace
Handpan 10 notes Green Green 10 Nature, Mountain, Forest Discounts on the site Immersive color, Balanced
Handpan 9 notes Gold Gold 9 Tight budgets, Beginners Save $300 Best price-quality ratio
Handpan 9 notes Black Black 9 Beginners, Elegant interior Less than $900, Save $300 Harmonious sound, Decorative
Handpan 17 notes Gold Gold 17 Advanced, 2-in-1 musical possibilities $1,490.00 (originally $1,790.00) Two-sided, relaxing sound, Robust


In conclusion

When you purchase your handpan from us, you'll receive complimentary accessories valued at $239. These include a stand, drumsticks, a carrying case, and a cleaning cloth.

Furthermore, at Zena-Drum, we take great care in crafting each handpan instrument. We ensure that all handpans are balanced, with well-isolated notes and impeccable sound quality. We also prioritize dynamics, sustain, and the quality of materials chosen to ensure the instrument's durability.

Rest assured, whatever choice you make, you're making the right one by selecting the hang drum that meets your needs.


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With over 400 satisfied players of Zena-Drum handpans, you can trust the quality of our instruments. Take the next step and order your handpan from Zena-Drum today.


1. Which handpan is the best ?

he best handpan depends on individual preferences and playing style. Consider factors like scale, number of notes, and build quality. Explore our range to find the handpan that resonates with you.

2. What is the difference between D Kurd and D Celtic handpan ?

D Kurd and D Celtic are different scales used in handpans, each with its unique sound and character. D Kurd has a more mysterious and exotic tone, while D Celtic has a brighter and more uplifting sound.

3. What key is best for handpan ?

The best key for a handpan depends on personal preference and musical goals. Popular keys include D Minor, C Major, and G Minor, each offering its own unique musical possibilities and emotional resonance.

4. What does D Kurd mean ?

D Kurd refers to a specific scale used in handpans, characterized by its distinctive sound and musical intervals. It is known for its exotic and mystical qualities, often evoking a sense of intrigue and adventure in listeners.

5. How do I care for my handpan ?

Proper maintenance is crucial for preserving the quality of your handpan. Keep it clean and dry, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, and store it in a protective case when not in use. Regularly wipe it down with a soft cloth to remove dust and moisture, and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.