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The purchase of a handpan is often accompanied by the desire to use it to accompany meditation. The sound of the handpan is known to be melodic and soothing. It has the ability to put the mind into a deep meditative state.

However, not all handpans are the same. Some are better suited as companions in meditation than others. This is especially true of the handpans tuned in D minor that Zenapan offers. We'll explain why and how you can use your handpan in music therapy.

The importance of music therapy

Music therapy is a recent addition to the field of non-invasive therapies. The role of music on the brain is increasingly being studied, and research is yielding amazing results.

For example, one study suggests that musical stimulation in stroke patients improves not only the speed of walking, but also the speed, length and symmetry of walking.

Music therapies are now known to improve the quality of life of those affected. They reduce psychological and behavioral disorders and significantly improve mood by reducing the effects of depression and anxiety, boosting self-confidence, promoting the expression of emotions, and improving communication.

Music therapy has become so promising that it is now even part of the curricula of leading universities.

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Handpan and music therapy

Not all handpans are identical in sound. The musical structure of each instrument depends on the tuning made by the handpan maker, and thus on the note scale chosen.

Since the handpan is a diatonic musical instrument, the craftsman chooses which notes of the chromatic scale are heard on the instrument. Therefore, some handpans are more suitable than others for deep and melancholic sounds.

These include handpans tuned in D minor and handpans tuned in F minor. These two handpan types are particularly well suited for introspection and thus for music therapy. In contrast, E or B tunings, for example, offer more oriental scales.

Now, studies have shown that mournful sounds are best suited to accompany people out of a depressed or anxious state. Therefore, it is important to choose the right handpan to take full advantage of the depth of its enchanting notes.

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What rhythm should you choose with the handpan?

Now that we have highlighted the importance of music for our psychological balance and shown what kind of handpan is best for music therapy, let's talk about rhythm.

Again, it is the scientists who enlighten us. In their studies, they have emphasized the importance of rhythm in neurological rehabilitation. Which rhythm is the right one?

For the scientists, the best rhythm is the one that meets the listener's expectations. That is, to function optimally, the rhythm must be "individualized," to use the exact term from the study.

Consequently, there is not just one type of music therapy, but as many ears as there are to listen to. Buy a handpan and get carried away with the expectations of your listeners.

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