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Deciding to acquire a handpan, whether it's an original Swiss hang drum or another variant, is the first step in an enchanting musical adventure. Choosing between a new handpan and a used one is crucial, influencing not only the price but also the playing experience and sound quality.

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Considered a rare and valuable musical instrument, the hang drum is distinguished by its melodic richness and impact on well-being. This guide aims to illuminate your path, highlighting the advantages and challenges associated with each option to help you make an informed handpan for sale purchase.

Discover the essential criteria for making an informed choice between a brand-new instrument and a second-hand treasure.

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1. Buying a used Handpan

When you choose a used hang drum, you make a conscious choice. But is this choice really the best? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision.

a. Advantages of Buying a Used Handpan

The advantages of a used handpan are numerous and can be found in various aspects such as price, model, or the instrument's uniqueness.

A much lower price In the second-hand market, you are sure to find a hang drum that fits your budget. Even if it has no issues, it will cost less than a new variant, allowing you to make a good deal while getting a quality product.

Finding older models Hang drum, handpan 432hz, handpan price At a second-hand seller, you might come across handpan models no longer in production. This is perfect for antique lovers and art collectors who will find thrilling sensations preserved in the hang drum.

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b. Disadvantages of Buying a Used Handpan

The disadvantages are also numerous and increasingly common in the market. They often relate to the handpan's condition and can manifest in various ways. Below are the most common disadvantages.

Buying a defective handpan If you're not an expert in the hang drum world, the second-hand market is highly discouraged. Buying a used handpan requires using all your senses, especially hearing. You need to check the sound of each note, the hang drum's solidity, and the sustain's condition.

Risk of being scammed by a stranger Another risk in the second-hand market is sending your money to an individual and never receiving your instrument. This market is not always formalized, and you deal with strangers who can disappear without a trace.

Not being the first owner Often, there's a desire to fully possess an object. Here, you won't be the first and only owner of the handpan, which might be displeasing to some.

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2. Tips for buying a used Handpan

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Handpan instrument, handpan occasion Ready to buy your own hang drum? Wonderful! But what's the point of buying a defective pantam in bad condition and getting scammed by a stranger? Once considered a rare gem, the hung drum is now widely available and at relatively low prices.

This advantage significantly favors scams and fraud. You might encounter dream offers or fraudulent ads. Follow our tips to choose your first handpan instrument and avoid bad sellers' traps.

a. Avoid eBay

Though there are many honest sellers, most ads with ridiculously low prices and attractive hang drum characteristics are scams. eBay, for instance, is a site where you could find your handpan. However, it contains numerous ads that are a huge waste of time. Remember never to buy based on a photo and be cautious of resales.

b. Avoid Le Bon Coin

Avoid this site for the same reasons as eBay and for even lower protection. Read the "Buyer Beware" discussions on The Handpan Village forum. Compare the offers to legitimate publications. The best thing to do is join The Handpan Village, a free site with an invaluable resource of experienced hang drum makers and players.

c. Listen to the sound/try it

Trying an instrument is the best way to ensure its quality. Be very careful when trying it. Bring a friend if needed, as you never know who you might meet.

Ask many questions, play the instrument yourself with a tuner, and take your time with it—it's your right. Express yourself and follow your intuition, which is crucial when buying a used hand drum.

d. See it in person or, if impossible, ask for photos/videos

The best way to catch online fraudsters is to ask if you can visit to see the instrument. You don't have to travel across the country. Simulate a trip in the area to test the seller's credibility.

A legitimate seller will likely appreciate the visit request, provide directions, and maybe even offer their couch for the night. A scammer will use all excuses to dissuade you. If you're unconvinced, ask for photos or videos, but remember not to buy based on a photo alone.

e. Buy from a trusted person

It's recommended to buy your first instrument from a reputable person. Many are happy to let you try before you buy.

Additionally, they use trusted payment methods and can arrange insured delivery in a well-protected package if you can't take it that day. Scammers often use attractive images of high-quality handpans to lure you in. Be wary of such scams, known as catfishing.

Read our tips for a successful used handpan purchase at a good price! Learn to identify a quality instrument and avoid pitfalls: tuning, sustain, general condition... Be ready to experience the handpan!

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3. Buying a New Handpan

For those who find buying a used handpan too complicated, a new hang drum is the best alternative. However, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

a. Advantages of Buying a New Handpan

A new hang drum has many advantages, different from those of a used handpan.

A new handpan means a "hang drum in good condition" It's rare, almost inconceivable, to buy a new item that isn't in perfect condition. If it happens, you have the right, even the duty, to report it to your seller for compensation. Buying a new handpan ensures your money is well spent.

New is more aesthetic If you have a hint of pride or love luxury, it's obvious you should buy a new hang drum. Playing a new and shiny handpan gives you more value in front of friends and audience. In short, it makes you proud. It might even motivate beginners and boost their learning capacity.

A new handpan naturally produces beautiful melodies

See for yourself in this video

The sound of a new hang drum differs from a used handpan. A new hang drum inevitably has a harmonious sound. It plays beautiful melodies and requires no tuning. During a family or friends' gathering, you can bring it out and everything will go smoothly without any hassle.

It is available in our Zena-Drum store. Visit this link for a new handpan, and you can already imagine receiving your perfect handpan in pristine condition.

b. Disadvantages of Buying a New Handpan

Disadvantages here are rare but do exist, primarily related to the often high cost.

A higher investment Buying a new hang drum is not affordable for all budgets. You might spend thousands of dollars on a handpan. Often, the price-to-quality ratio may not be the best. A handpan can be costly and may not meet your expectations in terms of stability, for example.

Long wait times for orders When you order your handpan, it may take longer than expected. The manufacturer might have a long waiting list to fulfill.

However, Zena-Drum breaks this barrier. With us, you are assured of receiving your orders promptly.

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4. Choosing Between a New and Used Handpan: Summary

Criteria New Handpan Used Handpan
Price Higher, reflecting quality and warranty. Generally more affordable, varies by condition and age.
Condition Perfect, no signs of wear or damage. Varies; may show wear that can affect sound quality.
Sound Quality Optimal, with manufacturer guarantee. Can be excellent if well-maintained; needs prior checking.
Availability May require a wait for manufacturing. Immediately available, depending on market offers.
Customization Custom options (notes, handpan scale, finishes) directly from the manufacturer. Limited to the instrument's existing specifications.
Environmental Impact Higher due to production and shipping. Lower, promotes reuse and sustainability.
History and Character New, without prior history, offering a blank slate for your creation. May have a unique history, adding character and sentimental value.


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5. Zena-Drum: The Ultimate Destination for Buying the Ideal Handpan

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Zena-Drum stands out as the preferred choice for those looking to buy a handpan, combining expertise, competitive prices, and exceptional quality. Here’s how Zena-Drum ensures an unparalleled shopping experience for your next handpan.

a. Benefit from Expert Advice

- Personalized Guidance: Whether you are a handpan beginner or an expert, Zena-Drum guides you through making an informed choice with expert advice.

- Informed Choice: Our specialists help you choose between a new and used handpan, focusing on your specific needs for well-being, relaxation, or musical composition.

b. Discover Competitive Prices and Rare Quality

- Advantageous Prices: Zena-Drum commits to offering the best handpan prices on the market, making this unique percussion instrument accessible to all.

- Exceptional Quality: Each handpan, whether original or tuned to 432 hertz for relaxation or 440 hertz for composition, is rigorously selected for superior sound quality.

c. Why Zena-Drum is Your Best Choice

- Wide Selection: From new steel hang drum to rare used treasures, find the instrument that resonates with your soul.

- Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are confident in our handpans' quality, offering a guarantee that reflects our trust.

- Simplified Shopping Experience: From initial consultation to final purchase, Zena-Drum makes your journey smooth and enjoyable.

Choosing Zena-Drum for your next handpan purchase means opting for a trusted partner who values the instrument’s sound quality and your satisfaction as a musician.

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Whether you seek the perfect sound for your next composition or a relaxation companion, Zena-Drum is here to make your dream a reality.


Whether you choose a new or used handpan, you face both advantages and disadvantages. The final decision is yours, and you must make the choice that suits you best. But remember, buying a high-quality new hang drum is assured when purchasing from Zena-Drum.

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With our collection of handpans, you get the handpan that best suits you, a balanced and melodious sound, and unmatched instrument durability. You'll undoubtedly be spoiled for choice with the high-quality hang drums we offer.

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1. How long do handpans last ?

A well-maintained handpan can last for many years, often a lifetime. Regular cleaning, proper storage, and avoiding extreme temperatures help preserve its quality. High-quality handpans made from nitrided or stainless steel offer better durability and resistance to corrosion.

2. How much should I spend on a handpan ?

A quality handpan typically costs between $1,000 and $3,000. Prices vary based on the maker, materials used, and the number of notes. Investing in a good handpan ensures better sound quality and longevity, making it worth the expense for serious musicians.

3. Are cheap handpans good ?

Cheap handpans often compromise on quality, resulting in poor sound and durability. It's essential to research and choose a reputable maker to avoid disappointment. Investing in a well-crafted handpan ensures a better playing experience and long-term satisfaction.

4. How do I know which handpan to buy ?

To choose the right handpan, consider factors like scale, material, and your musical goals. Beginners often prefer handpans with fewer notes for ease of play. Listen to sound samples, read reviews, and consult with experienced players to find the best handpan for your needs.

5. Where can I buy a quality handpan ?

You can buy a quality handpan from specialized handpan stores or workshops like Zena-Drum. Online platforms such as Superprof connect you with experienced makers. Ensure the site provides clear handpan characteristics, customer reviews, and detailed descriptions to make an informed choice.