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Tongue drum: early musical education for children

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The future of our societies is not secured by armies or markets, but by the education we give our children. We all want to give them the best opportunities in this area.

As more and more people criticize the evolution of national education[1] and the impact of digitalization on the youngest[2], and even speak of the disintegration of our institutions, many of us are looking for alternative methods.

From the Italian physician Maria Montessori to the conductor Jaques-Dalcroze, all have attempted to incorporate early music education into a comprehensive educational project. It's no coincidence that early music education workshops for young children are finding more and more imitators, and that there are more and more introductions to music in all institutions, from daycare to kindergarten.

Far from tablets and apps on our phones, early musical education is a path that more and more parents and grandparents are suggesting to our children and grandchildren. "How?" and "At what age?" are then the questions we ask ourselves.

At what age should we introduce our children to early musical education?

"As early as possible," seems to be the answer from science. A study by the University of Washington[3] found that the rhythm in music helps babies better internalize language and has an overall impact on their cognitive abilities.

Unesco even went so far as to highlight the effect of music on babies while still in the womb [4]. So if you're pregnant, don't hesitate to have music playing in the room you're in, and chances are you'll feel your baby moving.

So you don't have to wait until the age of five, as most conservatories in France do, to introduce your children to music. Early musical education can begin much earlier. The good news is that you don't need any prior musical knowledge.

Introduce them to music with the tongue drum.

Although Mozart began his virtuoso career at the age of three, you should keep your hands off private lessons for your toddlers in violin and piano. With the tongue drum, you don't need to know sheet music or have an extensive music culture.

Why is that? Because it is a percussion instrument that is played without false notes. It is therefore particularly well suited to the improvisation that was so important to Carl Orff's musical approach. Moreover, it has an extremely soothing sound that will delight the whole family. No more squeaking strings or shrill tones of saxophone and trumpet.

The Tongue drum with its soft and precise tones is the perfect companion for our children. Learning music has never been so easy. Starting music with a tongue drum is an incredible opportunity.

The gentle sounds will delight you. Its unique design, very pleasing to children as it resembles a flying saucer, will ensure that it finds a place of honor in their room without breaking our budget. It is the instrument par excellence for the democratization of music.

A financially affordable instrument

The reed drum has the advantage of not being an expensive instrument. Above all, it is robust. The Tongue Drum is made of steel, the notes are played on slats called "tongues" in English, and it can withstand the small hands of your children.

Plus, it can be played by multiple children, either with their hands or with the same mallets used on the xylophone. If you thought music was inaccessible because it was too expensive and too complex in notation, with the reed drum you can now create musical pieces together with your children.

The musical revolution is in full swing. The tongue drum now brings musical emotions to most people. A Zen instrument par excellence, it will take a permanent place in your everyday life.

With the Tongue Drum, your child is guaranteed a joyful musical awakening. Its relaxing sound without false notes will make it the favorite instrument of the whole family. Thanks to its small size and light weight, you can take it anywhere.

If you order your ZenaDrum now, you will also receive a carrying case, two bamboo sticks, ten music sheets and the ZenaDrum Guide in French. Learning is made easier with our online tutorials.

Start Music & Order a Tongue Drum

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