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Were you not introduced to music as a child? Are you curious to be able to play a musical instrument and invent your own melodies? Get to know our Tongue Drum and enjoy the good reasons to live in your own music.

1.Music is a source of motivation. 

Do you sometimes feel unmotivated and ready to give up everything? Listening to music will keep you on track!

By releasing dopamine in the brain [1], listening to music will get you going again. In fact, this happiness molecule is crucial to our mood.

Studies have even shown that drivers who listened to music in the car were in a better mood than drivers who didn't [2].

Enjoy the smooth and precise tones of the ZenaDrum Tongue Drum to experience dopamine fireworks and feel like you've been reborn!

2. Music is an ally against stress and anxiety.

Each of us has our own history with music; our favorite pieces that we can listen to over and over again.

These pieces trigger special feelings in us every time and bring back buried memories: vacation memories, memories of encounters, memories of great moments.

The cortisol release that listening to music induces not only has an anti-inflammatory effect, but furthermore reduces anxiety even better than an anxiolytic. [3][4]

The harmonic vibrations of the Tongue Drum will help you significantly reduce stress as well as anxiety.

3.Music helps sleep

Sleep is an important activity to regenerate our body. A good quality of sleep is a guarantee of good health.

Playing Tongue Drum before bed and listening to the relaxing sounds as they flood the room will promote rest [5].

By the way, we have a list of 10 notes, some of which are among the most relaxing, so you can get started right after you receive your Tongue Drum ZenaZrum.

4.Music is a painkiller

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Listening to music regularly can help reduce the pain you feel [6] [7].

Better yet. Playing music boosts your concentration and makes you feel your pain even less.

For this reason, our Tongue Drum is just what you need. With its small size and carrying case, you can take it anywhere.

5.Music helps lower blood pressure.

Do you often have headaches? Do you have heart palpitations? Listening to music lowers both heart rate and blood pressure [8] [9].

Sound modulations directly affect our metabolism, so they are actually involved in healing.

The Tongue Drum, with its deep vibrations, helps you heal yourself with no unwanted side effects.

6.Music helps your memory.

Who hasn't dreamed of multiplying the abilities of their memory? Why do you think our children learn to speak in school by singing?

Because music stimulates our memory [10], so much so that it is now used in some nursing homes to combat Alzheimer's disease [11].

If you not only listen to music, but also play it yourself, remembering notes is an extremely effective exercise to boost your memory.

7.Music helps you to control yourself better.

Music has a direct effect on your personality. Playing an instrument not only relaxes you, but also helps you to develop yourself [12].

It allows you to open up to others and calms your mind. Playing the Tongue Drum helps you build your self-confidence.

Playing it in front of your friends or family teaches you how to handle stress and better control your emotions.

8.Music increases your physical abilities.

Have you ever thought of consuming cheap products like steroids or other anabolic steroids? Think about music instead! Studies have shown that it increases our physical performance by up to 15% [13].

Rhythmic music will help you increase your strength tenfold. Since music directly affects your motivation, it helps you focus on your goal.

Playing Tongue Drum while focusing on the goals you want to achieve is one of the best ways to do this.

Since music has so many positive effects on us, don't wait any longer and treat yourself to the most Zen of instruments: the ZenaDrum. 

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