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Discover the magic of the Annaziska scale, also known as Kurd, in the world of the handpan instrument. This article invites you to explore the nuances and depth of this hang drum, a rare gem in the percussion family. Renowned for its positive impact on well-being, the handpan music fuses rhythm and melody, offering a rich and immersive auditory experience.

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We will compare prices, discuss the advantages of buying a new or used steel hang drum, and highlight the excellence of Swiss and original models. Our exploration will conclude with a focus on storage solutions, such as the handpan stand.

Prepare for an exceptional sonic journey.

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1. Sam Maher made this scale famous

The Kurd, also known as Annaziska, is a complete minor  made famous by one of the best players, Sam Maher. He demonstrated how the 9-note version of the scale can be used to build a bass/drum line supporting a melodic section in his video filmed in the New York subway.

With the Aeolian scale, it is one of the most complete handpan scales.

Sam Maher playing a Kurd hang drum

Play the Kurd scale like Sam Maher with our original handpans.

Discover the magic of the Annaziska scale and let yourself be transported by its enchanting sounds. Visit our collection and find the handpan that will allow you to replay Sam Maher’s melodies and explore new musical horizons.

2. The Unique Beauty of the Annaziska/Kurd Scale

a. Exploring the Sounds

The Annaziska or Kurd scale on the handpan stands out for its ability to enrich handpan music with deep and captivating sounds. As a handpan instrument, it offers:

  • Handpan 432hz for relaxation: Ideal for those seeking a calming effect, promoting well-being and meditation.
  • Handpan 440hz for composition: Perfect for composers looking to integrate the handpan into musical ensembles or solo performances.

Explore the enchanting beauty of the Annaziska/Kurd scale. Discover our handpans and let yourself be transported by its unique sounds.

b. Choosing Between a New or Used Handpan

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Acquiring a handpan, whether new or used, is an important decision that influences not only the handpan price but also the musical experience:

  • New Handpan: Offers optimal quality and durability, ideal for handpan experts seeking a long-lasting instrument.
  • Used Handpan: A more affordable option for handpan beginners or those looking to explore this instrument without a significant initial investment.

3. Who Is the Annaziska/Kurd Scale For?

This scale suits a variety of users, from novices to experienced musicians:

  • Handpan Beginners: Easy to learn due to its intuitive scale.
  • Handpan Experts: Allows for advanced musical exploration and the creation of complex pieces.

4. Importance of an Original Handpan

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Choosing an original hang drum is crucial to ensure authenticity and sound quality. The Swiss hang drum, for example, is renowned for its precise craftsmanship and acoustic excellence. The origin of the instrument directly impacts:

- Sound Quality: Well-established original instruments offer better resonance and sound purity.
- Resale Value: Original handpans maintain their value better over time.
- Prioritize authenticity: choose an original handpan at Zena-Drum. Optimal sound, unique craftsmanship, and a lasting investment.

5. Some Musical Explanations

The scale’s name and sound come from the Arabic musical tradition, where scales, harmonic, and rhythmic sequences are called Maqam.

Maqam has become synonymous with the global scale in contemporary Western music. Each Maqam consists of two or three smaller fragments made up of 4 or 5 notes, called Jins.

maqam, jins kurd, jins nahawand, handpan, kurd, Annaziska

The Maqam Kurd is the fusion of Jins Kurd and Jins Nahawand, corresponding to our modal Phrygian scale, the minor mode built on the 3rd degree of a major scale.

The Phrygian mode is less common than the Aeolian mode (natural minor) and is characterized by a deep and Arabic sound due to its intervals.

6. The Kurd Scale on the Hang Drum

In the handpan, adding a new tonic on the Ding allows for a dual identity of the Kurd scale on the handpan.

On one hand, the tonic on the Ding emphasizes the sound of a natural minor scale; on the other, the presence of the Maqam Kurd sequence starting from the second lowest note emphasizes the deep sound of an Arabic scale.

It is common in Western composition and in famous musical genres like Flamenco.

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7. Comparison of Scales with the Annaziska/Kurd Scale

Characteristic Annaziska/Kurd Scale Major Scale Minor Scale Hijaz Scale
General Tone Melancholic and deep Joyful and bright Soft and dark Exotic and intense
Effect on Listener Soothing, introspective Energizing, happy Comforting, melancholic Mysterious, captivating
Typical Use Meditation, introspection Celebrations Emotional compositions World music, solo performances
Complexity for Beginners Moderate Low Moderate High
Popularity High among connoisseurs Very high High Medium, but passionate


Specific Notes:

  • Annaziska/Kurd Scale: Preferred for its deep vibrations and meditative character.
  • Major Scale: Loved for its ability to uplift and create a joyful atmosphere.
  • Minor Scale: Sought for its emotional depth and versatility.
  • Hijaz Scale: Unique for its mystical allure and rich cultural influence.

Beyond Annaziska/Kurd: a sonic journey awaits !

Compare the scales, discover new sounds by clicking here, and find the handpan that will make you resonate.

8. Buying an Annaziska or Kurd Handpan

At Zena-Drum, we offer the C# Annaziska scale. You can buy your own custom handpan. Choose the number of notes, color, and frequency of your choice.

After purchasing your hang drum, one of our artisans will carefully begin crafting your instrument. You will receive it carefully packaged within 10 business days.


The Annaziska/Kurd handpan scale is a musical journey full of well-being and artistic expression. Whether you are a beginner eager to learn or an expert seeking new musical adventures, this scale offers unparalleled sound richness.

Buying a hang, new or used, requires considering price, origin, and sound type (432 Hz for relaxation, 440 Hz for composition) to ensure every note transports the listener to a unique sonic world.

Ready to unleash the music within you? Explore our collection of handpans now and find your perfect musical companion.

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1. Which scale handpan is best?

The best handpan scale depends on your musical preferences and goals. Popular choices include the D minor scale for its versatility and soothing sound. E minor and Celtic scales are also favored for their melodic richness and adaptability in various musical contexts.

2. What is the Kurd scale?

The Kurd scale is a popular handpan scale known for its deep, melancholic, and meditative tones. It typically features notes that create a minor and harmonic sound, making it ideal for emotional and introspective music. The D Kurd is one of the most commonly used variations.

3. What is a Kurd handpan?

A Kurd handpan is a handpan drum tuned to the Kurd scale, producing deep and resonant tones. It is popular among musicians for its emotional and meditative sound, often used in both solo performances and group settings to create a harmonious and reflective atmosphere.

4. What is the most popular handpan key?

The most popular handpan key is D minor. This key provides a balanced and versatile sound, making it suitable for various musical styles. It’s an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned musicians looking for a harmonious and meditative instrument.

5. Where can I buy a high-quality handpan?

You can buy a high-quality handpan from specialized handpan stores like Zena-Drum. Online platforms such as Superprof connect you with experienced makers. Ensure the site provides clear handpan characteristics, customer reviews, and detailed descriptions to make an informed choice.