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Have you attended a handpan concert (also known as a hang drum) or watched a captivating YouTube video featuring this enchanting steel drum instrument? If you've dreamt of owning one ever since, you're not alone.

At Zena-Drum, we share that passion. But how do you learn to play this incredible hand drum once you have it?

In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to master the pantam.

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1. Learn to play the Handpan online

A newcomer to the family of percussion instruments, the hang drum is quietly making its way into concert halls. You can't yet learn this instrument in music schools. That's why various websites offer lessons to learn to play the steel handpan. Here are the most frequently mentioned by the community:

Each of these sites has its own specifics. Some are free, others paid, but all are of excellent quality for learning to play the handpan.

2. Learn to play the Handpan with Superprof (For French speakers)

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Superprof is a platform that connects teachers and students in all fields. It allows you to learn anything from mathematics to Chinese, and even music with the handpan.

Its major advantage is that it connects you with teachers near you. This gives you the opportunity to learn to play the handpan not through a screen, but directly in private lessons with a teacher.

Prices for private lessons range from $15 to $45 per hour.

3. Master the Handpan with Master the Handpan

It's a 100% online solution that allows you to learn to play the steel hang drum through tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced.

One of the great advantages of this site is that you can progress at your own pace since you have lifetime access to the training provided.

The price of each course is $149.

4. Learn Handpan with Handpan Dojo

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Another website praised by the handpan learning community, Handpan Dojo operates on the same principle as Master the Handpan.

You will not only have lifetime access to the site but also the ability to access it from any device.

Prices for courses range from $89 to $400.

5. Learn to play the Handpan with Youtube

The final solution is the 100% free option of YouTube. Many channels have emerged alongside the popularization of the handpan, and some of them are dedicated to teaching the handpan through video tutorials.

Here's an example of a video to get you started:

You will also find some of the instructors offering paid courses on the aforementioned platforms, such as David Charrier from Master the Handpan.

YouTube can help you start learning and get familiar with some teachers before deciding to invest in handpan lessons.

There are many others, like David Urban, Amy Naylor, and Gerard Spencer.

Choose based on their artistic qualities and teaching skills.

6. Handpan learning platforms comparison: Options, Levels and Prices

Plateforme Type Cible Accès Spécificité Prix
Superprof Online / Physics Beginners to experts Private lessons Private lessons near you $15 - $45 / hour
Master the Handpan 100%  Online Beginners to advanced Lifetime access Progress at your own pace $149 by course
Handpan Dojo 100%  Online All levels Lifetime access Multi-device access $89 - $400
Youtube 100%  Online All levels Free Wide variety of free tutorials Free


Ready to rock ? Explore our collection of unique handpans and find the perfect instrument to facilitate your learning and then your musical journey.


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7. Zena-Drum blog: Your handpan guide

Zena-Drum stands out as an essential blog, a true treasure trove of tips and advice dedicated to learning the hang drum. From beginner to expert, find the guidance and resources you need to:

  • Master the Basics

Understand the fundamentals of the steel hang drum, from choosing your first instrument (new or used handpan) to understanding notes and scales (hang scale).

  • Advanced Techniques

Specialized articles to perfect your technique and explore more complex compositions (handpan 440 hertz).

  • Well-being and Music

Discover how the handpan can become a tool for well-being, with tips on relaxation (handpan 432 hertz).

Zena-Drum is your ally for a deep immersion into the world of the handpan, offering a holistic approach for all levels.


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Learning the handpan, this captivating steel percussion instrument, is accessible through various platforms for everyone, from beginners to experienced musicians. Whether you choose personal lessons on Superprof, structured online courses via Master the Handpan and Handpan Dojo, or free tutorials on YouTube, each option provides a unique approach to the best handpan for beginners.

Exploring these resources helps you navigate between well-being and musical creation, whether for relaxation at 432 hertz or composition at 440 hertz. Start your journey and buy a hang drum today with Zena-Drum.


1. Is the handpan easy to learn?

The handpan is relatively easy to learn for beginners due to its intuitive layout and soothing sounds. With consistent practice, even those with no musical background can play simple melodies within a few weeks. Structured lessons can accelerate this process.

2. How long does it take to learn handpan?

Learning the handpan varies for each person. Generally, you can start playing basic tunes within a few weeks. For more advanced techniques and compositions, it might take several months to a year of regular practice and instruction.

3. Where can I learn handpan?

You can learn the handpan through various platforms. Personal lessons on Superprof, structured courses on Master the Handpan and Handpan Dojo, and free tutorials on YouTube offer excellent resources. Each option caters to different learning styles and levels.

4. How do I choose a handpan for beginners?

When choosing the best handpan for beginners, consider factors like scale, quality, and budget. Opt for a well-tuned instrument from reputable makers. G minor and D minor scales are popular for their versatility and ease of play.

5. What are the benefits of playing the handpan?

Playing the handpan offers numerous benefits, including stress relief, enhanced creativity, and improved focus. Its meditative sounds can also aid in relaxation and mental well-being, making it a valuable tool for both musicians and non-musicians alike.