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Embark on the musical journey of the handpan or hang drum, a sonic odyssey to enrich your quest for well-being and pure melody. This guide is specially crafted for beginners eager to grasp this unique percussion instrument without delay.

We will delve into the basics, from selecting your first handpan, to understanding notes and scales, to mastering initial playing techniques. Whether you're drawn to the serene tones of the hang instrument hand drum or the rhythmic allure of the steel hang drum, this comprehensive resource will pave your path to musical proficiency and artistic expression.

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Get ready to turn your passion for the steel hang drum into a tangible skill, creating moments of tranquility and harmony from the very first notes.

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1. How do I learn to play the handpan quickly ?

Mastering the handpan, this enchanting percussion instrument, demands commitment and strategy. Here's an action plan to accelerate your learning and guide your journey:

  • Selecting the right instrument

Choose a handpan that suits your needs, whether it's a beginner model or an original handpan with a specific scale, such as 432 hertz for relaxation or 440 hertz for composition.

  • Utilizing online resources

Explore tutorials on platforms like YouTube or join forums and communities dedicated to the steel pan to exchange tips and techniques.

  • Regular practice

Consistency is key. Set a practice schedule to develop your skill and familiarity with the notes and rhythms of the handpan.

  • Experimenting with music

Don't hesitate to improvise and create your own melodies. Experimentation fosters creativity and strengthens your connection with the instrument.

  • Receiving feedback

Share your progress with the handpan community or with a mentor to receive constructive feedback and guidance for your musical development.

By following these steps, you'll optimize your musical journey with the handpan, quickly transforming your passion into a true artistic expression.

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2. Start learning on your own

Solo handpan initiation takes advantage of the brain's extraordinary capacity to learn and adapt quickly. This autonomous approach, with full concentration and progress at your own pace, is ideal for those who aspire to excel quickly. Here are two main ways to get started:

a. Online tutorials

An invaluable resource, offering a plethora of lessons and tips for getting started, exploring different techniques and progressing in handpan mastery.

b. Dedicated learning methods

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Guides and books specifically designed for handpan learning, ideal for structuring your progress and developing a deep understanding of the instrument.

These options encourage personal exploration and experimentation, key elements in developing a unique and personal approach to handpan music. By embarking on this path, you'll discover not only the basics but also the subtleties that make hang drum playing so rewarding and therapeutic.

3. Follow videos on YouTube

YouTube is a marvel of the Internet, and you need to be able to take advantage of it. It's packed with videos on all kinds of subjects, and a pretty impressive number of tutorials that describe in great detail the process of learning anything you want. Sometimes, they're even sequenced over several days or weeks to help you learn faster. 

What's more, by learning with YouTube videos, you have access to both sound and image. This makes it easier for your brain, so you can shorten your learning time. One advantage of the handpan is that you don't necessarily need a basic knowledge to play it. In other words, whatever your profile, it's accessible to you, so you can develop your own style.

4. Take lessons from top players like David Charrie

o excel in any field, it's always important to follow in the footsteps of the greats. To this end, it would be wise for you to follow the free tutorials, which are often given by top players such as David Charrier.

In most cases, they explain their first steps, as well as the mistakes they made. They'll even give you a few tips to make it easier for you to assimilate the notes.

Exercises will be suggested to help you acquire your own basics and improve your techniques later on. David Charrier will tell you, for example, not to botch your first encounter with the handpan. When you play the hang drum, your first aim is not to put on a show and satisfy an audience. On the contrary, you must at all costs play for your own pride, for your own pleasure, for your own satisfaction.

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5. Get professional help often

If you're planning to become a good hang drum player very quickly, it's obvious that you need outside help. If you learn on your own, you'll make slow progress. To learn faster, with as few mistakes as possible, you need to hire a handpan professional and someone you can trust.

a. Hiring a handpan professional

There are many handpan teachers available online. While their services may come at a cost, with dedication, you can quickly achieve your goals. With professionals, you'll have a precise learning program. The days and durations of the classes are well-defined. In short, discipline is key to reaching your initial objectives more quickly.

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If you have a flexible schedule and the necessary financial means, you can even opt for private lessons at home. There, for example, you can learn how to sit properly before playing. It will also be an opportunity for you to learn how to hold your instrument correctly and strike each note with the appropriate force or pressure. Through private lessons, you will also be introduced to musical ear training and achieve perfect mastery of rhythmic patterns.

b. Demander l’aide d’un joueur proche de vous

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If you're short on financial resources, you can always opt for free private lessons. Simply reach out to a close acquaintance who is familiar with playing the hang drum and well-versed in its nuances. If you have a good relationship with them, they may assist you for free or charge a nominal fee. Additionally, someone close to you is more likely to share their experiences openly, and you may feel more comfortable asking questions without hesitation.

Moreover, a person close to you will likely have a less hectic schedule and be willing to assist you even late at night if inspiration strikes. The trust relationship, for example, between you and your uncle, enhances your learning speed and helps you be better inspired.

However, there are no shortcuts in music. To progress faster and learn quickly, you need to practice daily and rigorously. Without your dedication and discipline, it's impossible to improve rapidly.

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6. Buying the right musical instrument

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The quality of the steel hand drum, and its appearance, is very important when you are just starting to learn the instrument. A poor-quality instrument considerably reduces your chances of producing attractive melodies. Similarly, the appearance of your hang drum is a key factor in motivating you to play regularly. If you're a nature lover, for example, a green handpan would suit you well, and will be motivating enough for you. All you have to do is click on the green handpan link to purchase one.

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7. Summary of techniques and tips to quickly master the Handpan

To help you quickly get to grips with the handpan or hang drum, here's a summary table of key techniques and tips:

Technique/Tip Description
Instrument selection Select a handpan suited to your level and musical objectives, giving priority to easy scales for beginners.
Daily practice Dedicate a moment each day to practice to build up your skill and familiarity with the instrument.
Active listening Listen to handpan tracks to develop your musical ear and inspire your own creativity.
Recording and feedback Record your practice sessions to track your progress and get constructive feedback from friends and the community.
Courses and community Join online courses or groups dedicated to handpan to learn in a structured way and share experiences.


These tips are designed to speed up your progress and enrich your musical experience with the handpan, making learning as enjoyable as it is effective.


Embracing the handpan or hang drum requires dedication and exploration. By following our guidance, from choosing the right instrument to committing to regular practice and engaging with a community, you'll uncover the rich realm of handpan music. Whether for relaxation, composition, or sheer enjoyment, each note played brings you closer to artistic mastery and a deep inner harmony with this unique hang drum instrument.


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1. How to hold a handpan ?

Hold the handpan with both hands, supporting it evenly from underneath. Use your fingertips to strike the notes gently, allowing the sound to resonate freely. Experiment with different hand positions to find what feels comfortable and produces the desired tone.

2. What is the difference between a hang drum and a handpan ?

The hang drum and handpan are both steel percussion instruments, but they have distinct designs and sounds. The hang drum has a convex shape with fewer notes arranged around a central tone field, while the handpan has a concave shape with a larger number of notes arranged in a scale pattern.

3. How does a hang drum work ?

A hang drum produces sound through the vibrations of its steel shell. When struck with the hands or mallets, the notes on the surface vibrate, creating harmonic frequencies. The resonant cavity inside the drum amplifies the sound, producing the characteristic melodic tones associated with the hang drum.

4. How difficult is it to learn handpan ?

Learning the handpan requires dedication and practice, but it is achievable with patience. Start by familiarizing yourself with basic playing techniques and hand positions. With regular practice and guidance from tutorials or instructors, you can progress steadily and master the instrument's intricacies over time.

5. What are the different handpan scales available ?

Handpans come in various scales, each with its unique sound and character. Common scales include the major scale, minor scale, pentatonic scale, and chromatic scale. Each scale offers different musical possibilities, allowing players to explore a wide range of melodies and harmonies.