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Your reference for quality handpans. Dive into our varied scale and find the instrument that will move your heart and uplift your soul. Created by enthusiasts.

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Which First Handpan to Buy ?

For beginners, a 9-note D minor handpan is ideal. Its melodious, versatile scale makes it easy to learn and explore. At Zena-Drum.com, we guide every musician to the instrument that matches his or her aspirations, ensuring that your first hang drum enriches your musical journey with its deep, harmonious sound.

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How do you make your handpans ?

Our handpans are meticulously crafted using traditional techniques and top-quality materials (stainless steel). Every step, from hand-hammering the metal to precise tuning, is carried out by our experts to create pure, captivating sounds. Rigorous quality control guarantees the perfection of every note, resulting in a long-lasting, beautifully resonant instrument.

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