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Handpan pendant | silver necklace hang drum

Promotion of - $20.00

Affirm your passion for the Handpan

Our Handpan necklace is a true piece of jewelry. It embodies the spirit of the handpan. The silver color is reminiscent of the color of many handpan instruments. It will easily match your everyday outfit.

Comfortable to wear

Since it is lightweight, you won't even feel it. So you won't get neck pain like some pendants

A handpan locket as a gift

As you can see in the photo, the necklace is actually a locket that opens. This way you can put something that is close to your heart inside.

Note: This is a piece of jewelry that is often offered as a gift for fans & lovers of the Handpan.


A handmade necklace

Making a handpan necklace is far less complex than making the instrument itself. Still, it requires some techniques to make it last.


Many other handpan accessories will help you take care of your instrument. Discover also our best recommendations of handpan for sale.

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