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Handpan 17 notes gold - D minor

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handpan instrument tutorial booklet

A video of the Handpan and its sound.

The color may look different on the video because of the lighting.

A relaxing musical instrument

Playing this percussion instrument will calm your mind. You can finally relax after a hard day at work. This 17-note handpan is tuned in D minor, like most handpans.
handpan relaxation, relaxing, hang
If you are striving for mindfulness, choose the frequency of happiness in 432 Hz. It is used to find inner peace.

handpan instrument, drum, music, steel drum

Listen to its key :

A 2-in-1 handpan with its double side.

This handpan actually offers 8 + 9 tones. The front has 9 (with the thing) and the back has 8 different tones. You will have many musical possibilities since each side has its own tone. You can choose the one you like best depending on how you feel.

A perfect instrument for beginners, novices or experts.

This musical instrument is suitable for beginners. Letting your intuition guide you is enough to play beautiful music.
handpan intuition, play, easy
Imagine lying on the ground in nature and creating melodies with your handpan. Feel how much fun it is as the notes gently fly away.
handpan meditation, play, handpan for sale, buy instrument
Let action follow action and order a hang drum. You will get several accessories for free: a stand, a carrying bag, 2 mallets and a care cloth.

 Handpan accessories, accessory, hang drum, stand, cloth, stick, mallet, instrument

Perfect workmanship on all levels

Your hang will be a companion for years to come. Unless you order one of poor quality. That's why you should buy it from a good manufacturer.

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With ZenaPan you will have a unique gaming experience. The quality of this golden handpan will satisfy you with its notes, its vibrations, its sustain and its pure aesthetics.

handpan maker, handmade hang, workshop

You can take advantage of a discount and buy your handpan.

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Customer reviews

handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

I bought the handpan with 17 notes to have two different timbres. I was concerned about the quality because the price is very tempting. It is an exceptional instrument.

The sound is wonderful indeed. It produces great sounds with just the slightest touch. The case, stand, woven case, mallets and cleaning cloth were included. I couldn't be happier about the sound quality and the work that went into making such a wonderful instrument. It is also very beautiful to look at.

Each side has a unique sound. The top side has a deeper sound. The bottom side has an almost angelic sound. The notes are so clear they remind me of a piano.

Thank you for making such a fantastic instrument and thank you for making it affordable. I highly recommend this purchase on ZenaPan.


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

I am 100% satisfied with this purchase. It was shipped in a solid box and came with all accessories. The manufacturing material is beautiful and the sound quality is perfect.

Support was very supportive and followed up with me regarding my purchase.

I highly recommend it.


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

Thank you for this handpan. The sound is wonderful and very soothing.

I wanted to start playing handpan. A friend of mine who has been playing for years gave me the link to this website.I recommend ZenaPan 200%.


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

Very nice handpan. Practical to take with you. I play it in the forest next to my house, next to a river. It is super calming and does my mind good.

Thank you for your reactivity and advice.


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

The handpan is beautiful. I bought it for my husband and it arrived very quickly! We are not professionals. We are just learning and playing for our own enjoyment. The sound it makes is very soothing and I would even say it cleanses the energy in the room (if you like spiritual energies).

I was worried if our cats would be okay with the frequencies and sounds. But they love it, get around it and enjoy it as much as we do. Thank you!


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

I could not be happier! It is beautiful! This Hang Drum is a godsend for my son who has ADHD. We don't take medication and try to keep things natural.

This handpan calms him down and keeps him focused. This is a purchase I will never regret!


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

I love this hang drum. I've wanted one for years, and ZenaPan has made the most beautiful instrument I could have ever imagined.

In the US, prices for a basic, ordinary handpan are astronomical. They are nice, but ZenaPan's is exceptional.

It arrived exactly as described. The case is convenient and the holder is of high quality. I am really thrilled with it. The time of year I ordered delayed the delivery a bit. But it was worth the wait. I am sure I will buy one again in the future, as a gift or then for myself, but from a different product line. I wish I could give it 10 out of 5 stars.



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