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Handpan 13 notes blue and gold - D minor

Which frequency do you want?
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Listen to the beautiful sound of the handpan

The color may look different on the video because of the lighting.

A relaxing instrument for music therapy

Our Handpan is tuned in D minor, like most handpans. Playing this musical instrument will empty your mind. Your body and mind will be completely at peace.
handpan relaxation, relaxing, hang
If you are looking for inner peace, we recommend the bliss frequency in 432 Hz. It is used to reach consciousness.

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Listen to a melody:

A unique handpan with 13 notes

A good manufacturer offering a 13-notes handpan is rare. After many requests, we agreed to build such a handpan. More notes means more musical possibilities. Let your intuition be your guide.

A musical instrument for beginners and novices

This hang drum is perfect for beginners. It is very intuitive. Imagine sitting in nature and playing with your handpan.

handpan intuition, play, easy

How does it make you feel? Good, isn't it? Then you can get to action today and order your own Handpan.

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You get several accessories for free: a stand, a carrying bag, 2 mallets and a care cloth.

Handpan accessories, accessory, hang drum, stand, cloth, stick, mallet, instrument

A handmade handpan with a perfect finish

Your hang will be with you for years to come. Unless you decide to buy one of poor quality. That's why you should order from a good craftsman.
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Experience a unique playing experience with your handpan. Its quality will satisfy you with its vibrations, notes, sustain or even its aesthetic finish.

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Buy this Handpan for sale now to benefit from a discount.

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Customer reviews

handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

I have been playing handpan for several years now. For a change I decided to buy this hang with 13 notes.

It arrived in excellent condition. It is very comfortable to play, its sound is beautiful.I think it is the most beautiful handpan in my collection!

Reliable & reputable company.


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

If I could give more stars, I would. Excellent quality. Fast delivery. I will definitely buy from ZenaPan again.


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

Like most people, I was afraid to buy a handpan on the internet.

My fears evaporated when my handpan arrived and I found that it sounds perfect.

The design is good. The resonance is of high quality and it only takes a light finger pressure to bring out the sound.



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