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Handpan 9 notes black - D minor

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Discover a music in video

The color may look different on the video because of the lighting.

A cheap beginner handpan is possible.

This musical instrument is specially designed for beginners. Playing beautiful music is easy. You just have to let your intuition take control of your gestures.

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Imagine yourself sitting in the forest, playing the hang. The birds are singing and the fresh air is flowing through the trees. Take a deep breath. Feel the pleasure of playing your instrument.

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Here are the accessories offered with the purchase of a handpan: a stand, a travel bag, 2 mallets and a cleaning cloth. 

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The instrument that will bring calm to your life

This percussion instrument will relax you after an intense day of work. You can say goodbye to negative thoughts. Our 9 notes handpan is tuned in D minor, the most popular tuning in our community.

handpan relaxation, relaxing, hang

To reach mindfulness easily, you can choose the happiness frequency 432 Hz. It will allow you to find a very deep inner peace.

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An example of a melody:



A perfect long lasting finish

Your handpan will accompany you for a good part of your life. Except if it is of bad quality. You need to buy one from a trusted manufacturer with experience.
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By choosing ZenaPan, you will have an incredible playing experience. This handpan will satisfy you with its quality of sustain, notes, vibrations and clean aesthetics.

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Take action and order your own hang.

An unbeatable quality/price ratio 

This 9-note hang drum is equal to the best handpans on the market like Spacedrum, Thomann or PANArt. Nevertheless, it is cheap compared to their purchase price (+1800€). You get a very good deal with ZenaPan.

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If you want a durable drum for a reasonable price, choose ZenaPan.

Take advantage of this discount now to buy a handpan.

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Customer reviews

handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

After two years of use, I will give you my feedback.

1st big plus: The sound is still as harmonious as the first day. Perfectly tuned and balanced, I immediately felt comfortable with this handpan. The sound is very beguiling and always takes me on a journey.

2nd big plus: it does not rust! I can take it anywhere, like into nature, but it always stays intact.

3rd strength: a melodic and meditative sustain, which is its charm.

In summary, ZenaPan is an excellent handpan brand that I can recommend.


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

This Handpan has clearly exceeded my expectations, whether in terms of sound, aesthetics or vibrations.

The included accessories allow for optimal care, especially the carrying bag which is very practical when traveling with the Handpan. Personally, I often play it in nature.

The ZenaPan team was able to reassure me throughout the delivery time, which was also very fast compared to other Handpan websites.

I will be playing with it for many years of my life.

Thank you so much for this work of art! 😇


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

What a joy when I saw the letter carrier drop off the package this morning. This is an exceptional handpan that produces a wonderful sound.

The vibrations are very deep and blend directly with the soul. It will be my perfect companion when I go to play with it in nature.

Also, the price is very reasonable for a handpan of this quality. I was originally going to order elsewhere, but their support won me over.

I have been wanting to order one for years. I decided because a handpan of this quality at this price is rare.
You can go with your eyes closed :)


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

A wonderful instrument that I no longer want to do without. The ZenaPan team has advised me well and listens to me. The sound of the Handpan is very pure and the sustain is well balanced. My music teacher advised me to buy it.

The delivery was on time, the package was well packed. Everything is good!


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

I always feel very moved when I play with my Handpan. Sounds are well balanced and allow me to express all the emotions inside me.

It is easy for me to play with it from the first day, it is made for that.

After four years of use, it is still in good condition, so I recommend it to you.


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

Good coupling between the notes, the workmanship is impeccable.

Congratulations for this price


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

I am in love with my Handpan, it is pleasant to play as well as listen to (my wife takes it from me when I turn my back to her).

I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as we do.


handpan review, hang drum review, customer reviews, handpan for sale

This website is a great discovery. Melodies of the handpan are very relaxing.



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